The Best Karcher Vacuum Cleaners Put To The Test (Australia 2021)

Germany-based Karcher has been dominating the window vacuum and steam cleaner segments for over a decade now.

Rising into prominence through the invention of the first modern pressure washer, the name Karcher has become virtually synonymous for the device across Europe.

What makes this family-owned business a household name? Vacuumit carefully examines the top Karcher vacuums that are currently available in Australia.

What Sets Karcher Apart?

The impressive thing to remember about Karcher is that the company isn’t just a cleaning products manufacturer - they also produce scrubbers, burnishers, escalator scrubbers, gum removers and blowers. 

Product Line

Karcher pressure washer products often find use in establishments like restaurants and factories, as their efficiency has been proven as a fast, comprehensive cleaner.It is not only Karcher’s commercial models that have garnered rave reviews.

Karcher upright vacuums, steam cleaners, handheld window vacuums and industrial vacuums are all high-quality products that are renowned for their sturdy parts and overall cleaning reliability.

Durable design

One thing that nobody can fault Karcher on, is their use of high-quality parts, allowing your cleaning needs to extend to home renovation clean-ups or outdoor use.

Ultimately, what Karcher are going for is the aura of a company that produces cleaners that are built to last.


Karcher vacuums often are decked out with a host of accessories, that improve the versatility of use and make the product a lot more valuable to your home.

From steam mops that can convert into a handheld, or industrial vacuums that also have a spill sucking function, Karcher always places usability to be top of their design priorities.


You do not have to burn a hole through your pocket in order to afford even the best Karcher vacuums, ensuring that when you pay you get a high-quality cleaning experience.

Homeowners that are desiring for a little extra horsepower from their cleaning devices will not be disappointed with a Karcher product.

Best Karcher Vacuums Australia 2021

Despite having a large arsenal of vacuum cleaners and mops in Australia, our team of testers are confident that we have come across the best possible Karcher vacuums.

The ones we found will be divided on the basis of vacuum type, including the best Karcher wet and dry vacuum, best Karcher floor cleaner and the best Karcher vacuum.

Let’s get right into it then!

Karcher WD 5

Best Karcher Wet and Dry Vacuum

Karcher WD 5

Karcher WD 5

This Karcher vacuum can easily switch between dry debris and wet spills, without having to change filters. Beyond vacuuming, a blowing function elevates this vacuum to a true outdoor cleaning specialist.

Let’s start with all of the things we love about this versatile cleaning beast - it performs extremely well on hard floors, as well as thin rugs.

On thicker carpets, however, this vacuum does seem to struggle performance-wise.

By easily switching between cleaning types, you can easily handle both dry debris and wet spills, without having to change filters.

We also love how Karcher has made it simple to clean the filters on this vacuum without having to take them out, keeping your hands clean! 

All you need to do is connect a hose and press the filter clean button thrice.

Beyond vacuuming, a blowing function is what really elevates this vacuum to one of the top choices Australians can make for outdoor cleaning.

Attachments have been carefully placed on compartments within the device itself, making it convenient to access.

With suction power that can be adjusted, you will rarely have to worry about stubborn patches when you are vacuuming or blowing.

At under 5 metres, however, the power cord is a bit of an issue if you had a lot of outdoor cleaning and have a big yard.Also, at close to nearly 10 kilograms, this vacuum is anything but light and will be quite problematic to lug around.A near 25-litre tank will ensure that you rarely waste time emptying the insides of this vacuum.

A fleece dust bag will also ensure that all of the dust collected is securely stored inside the device.

While we admit that this is a bulky device, the versatility and cleaning prowess of this machine makes it a must-have for most mid-sized Australian homes or small businesses.

  • Vacuum + blower function
  • Switching between cleaning types is effortless
  • Hands-free filter cleaning
  • 25-litre tank capacity
  • Adjustable suction power
  • Heavy to carry around
  • Power cord could have been longer

Karcher FC 5

Best Karcher Floor Cleaner

Karcher FC 5

Karcher FC 5

If you ever wanted an upright vacuum that also doubles up as a mop, then the microfiber rollers on the vacuum head of the FC 5 will blow your mind!

While the FC 5 is not meant to be the primary vacuum in any home due to its limitations, it is a seriously useful tool for quick clean-ups.

Hard floors are dampened with soapy water before rotating microfiber rollers use vacuum suction power in order to deep clean your floors.

Any excess wastewater is sucked up and placed in a separate dirty tank.

By using vacuum suction technology on a mopping instrument, the FC 5 can easily get rid of tough stains on hard flooring.On all of our hard floor testing, including laminated floors, linoleum and PVC, the FC 5 displayed a highly impressive cleaning performance.

Homes that are predominantly carpet-based will find little use with the FC 5 as it is only meant for hard floor usage.We also found issues with long hair intertwining on the rollers, although it was rare during our testing.

Either way, a self-cleaning function on the rollers will ensure you rarely have to pop the gloves on.Polishing action ensures that a nice, aesthetically pleasing finish is applied to your floors.

Because of the use of special microfibres, our testers noted how the floor would only be slightly damp, ensuring that the floor dried up in very little time.

This bagless vacuum comes with a 7-metre long power cord, which is more than sufficient for average-sized homes.

With no filters to change either, operational costs are virtually non-existent with this vacuum.

At just about 7 kilograms, this vacuum is not light, but the aerodynamic design makes it extremely easy to push about.

  • Excellent for hard flooring
  • Separate tanks for clean and dirty water
  • Zero filters mean zero operational costs or maintenance!
  • Long power cord
  • Self-cleaning microfibre rollers
  • Cannot be used on carpets

  • Hair can intertwine on the rollers


Best Karcher Steam Cleaner

Karcher SC3 EASYFI


If there is one aspect in which the Karcher SC3 has outshone the competition, it is in the extreme speed and ease of use of this potent steam cleaner.

Taking only 30 seconds to heat up, the Karcher SC3 has an excellent descaler dispenser for more comprehensive cleaning results.

A drawback of the descaler unit, however, is that it has to be replaced occasionally, typically every 4-5 months.Although those units are inexpensive, that does represent an ongoing cost that you will need to factor into your budget.

A whole litre of tank capacity is comfortably twice the quantity usually seen in steam cleaners, allowing the SC3 to clean for up to 15 minutes.

A floor cleaning kit will effectively handle large floors at a rapid pace, while sealed hard floors are especially given a deep clean with this device.

Adjustable steam power will ensure that even the most stubborn grime and gunk is dislodged off your hard floors.

The Karcher SC3 is a versatile cleaner, with the ability to remove grease, limescale from shower panels and mould from curtains and furniture.Weighing in at only a little over 3 kilograms, this lightweight cleaner also has a lock system that ensures high-powered steam does not harm curious pets or toddlers.

A four-metre-long power cord is not ideal but will get the job done. By using 1,900 watts of power, this device is a poor choice for Aussies that are looking to cut their energy bill.

On the basis of pure cleaning performance, the SC3 is one of the more affordable devices that perform at a very high level.

  • Lightweight at only 3.5 kilos
  • Heating time of about half a minute

  • Affordable
  • Adjustable steam power control
  • One litre of water capacity
  • The lock system is an excellent safety feature
  • The power cord could have been a little longer

  • Descaler unit replacement is an ongoing running cost

  • Not energy-efficient

The Origin of Karcher 

Alfred Karcher was a relatively unknown inventor from the outskirts of Stuttgart in Germany, born at the turn of the 20th century, living through two great wars that devastated his nation.

When Karcher began his company in the mid-1930s, the specialisation was smelter technology for extracting valuable metals from ore. 

It took another 15 years before Karcher found its true calling - pressure washing. When the Karcher DS 350 was released in 1950, it was the first pressure washer of its type and application.

The overwhelming success of the device meant that Karcher began to realign its organisational focus towards the commercial cleaning industry.It was much later, in 1974, that the first pressure washer for residential customers was devised - the HD 555.

Thus, a dynasty was built. In late-2017, Karcher reported annual revenues that nearly touched AU$4.7 billion!

With an empire that spans over 160 countries, Karcher owns the European brands Hawk Pumps and  Woma Pumps, while also owning the American brands Shark pressure washers, Hotsy, Cuda, Watermaze, Windsor Karcher Group and Landa. 

Over the past 7 decades, Karcher has continuously innovated in order to stay ahead of the rest of the competition in the pressure washer space.Beyond cleaning equipment, Karcher also makes water pumping and distribution systems.

Our Verdict on Karcher Vacuum Cleaners Australia

We believe that Karcher makes a great addition to any home as it is extremely easy to use, and comes in a powerful, sturdy package.

From commercial pressure washers, mops and wet/dry vacuums, Karcher boasts a product line that is usually reserved for appliances royalty.

If it is efficiency and durability that you were after, we reckon that you should take a punt on a Karcher for your home!