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It is our privilege to welcome you to Australia’s best vacuum review website, Vacuumit.com.au!

Vacuumit understands better than anybody else in Australia just how crucial it is to have excellent cleaning equipment at home.

Keeping your home tidy with modern vacuums, carpet cleaners and steam mops has become an integral part of the home experience.

Vacuumit is here to assist you in making an informed decision by giving you access to some of the most comprehensive reviews for cleaning equipment in Australia.

After you go through our reviews, we hope you will be well equipped to make the right purchasing decision for your home or business, after considering the unique needs in detail.

Why Should I Use Vacuumit?

Choosing a new vacuum for your home is a complicated job.

Competition in Australia between cleaning equipment manufacturers is so intense, and the minute details make all the more difference.

Every retailer is attempting to capture a bigger market share by showcasing the most advanced features as well as making their product extremely simple to use.

Vacuum cleaners, in particular, are often a significant investment for average Australian homes and not one to be taken lightly.

For people who prefer convenience, there are cordless and robotic vacuums out there.

For pet owners, there are specially crafted devices.

Are you looking to save costs? A lot of cheap vacuums are available in Australia.

If energy efficiency is what you were after, there are a multitude of options.

If there are people at home with severe breathing difficulties, anti-allergy options exist as well!

To make sense of the market of vacuums is hard.


With Vacuumit, however, you get the expertise of a team of dedicated reviewers to do the legwork for you!

What We Do

It is to provide Australians with better access to information that we launched Vacuumit.

Our motive is to provide clear, thorough and reliable reviews of the top cleaning equipment in the Australian market.

By doing so, we believe, many Australians can maximise their purchasing utility as well as be introduced to a great product.

Why We Are The Best

There are three cornerstones upon which Vacuumit’s reviews are based on:

  1. Extensive research of the brand and product in question

  2. Gruelling testing of the product in real-life simulations which will ultimately determine the Vacuumit.com.au rating we assign to the product

  3. Customer feedback from user experiences

Every review on this website contains in-depth information about key features, cleaning performance, ease of use, effectiveness and overall design.

We dissect the top vacuum brands as well as provide you with handy guides for choosing specific vacuum types.

While we do attempt to ensure that every review is done after physically testing the product, at times, it simply is not possible.

In such cases, we use our extensive industry contacts and survey mechanisms to understand how buyers of the product would describe their experience with the product.

For every product we undertake a review for, we collect reviews from all over the internet and look for common problems or advantages.

By putting in hundreds of hours of work, we ensure that you can make a more in-depth decision without doing any of the legwork!

Vacuumit.com.au is an Australian-based website catering to Australian customers and attempting to review products available in the market here.

About the Author

Andrew Creswell

Andrew Creswell

Andrew Creswell is the senior editor at Vacuumit and a product review expert.

Based in Melbourne, his experience as a content writer for major international publications has given him great knowledge over the consumer appliances industry and the expertise needed to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Over the past decade, Andy has done reviews on thousands of home appliances and cleaning equipment and has established himself as a consumer technology expert.

His extensive experience has given him unprecedented knowledge as well as a superbly unique insight into the fast-moving market.

Andrew holds a degree in economics from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Ultimately, Andy’s goal has been to use his expertise to provide robust and unbiased recommendations that save money for Australians in the long run.

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