The Best Quiet Vacuums In Australia Barely Make A Whisper

If you have a newborn at home or can’t stand the loud drone of vacuum cleaners, look into a quiet vacuum cleaner!

Did you know that the standard noise generated by most vacuum cleaners is comparable to the sound generated in a busy intersection at peak traffic?

In a race to produce powerful vacuums with extremely potent suction, some brands have forgotten about the deafening noise.

Vacuumit has put in several hundred hours of research and careful testing in order to compile our best quiet vacuum cleaner reviews!

Best Quiet Vacuum Cleaner Australia 2021

Homes that make use of some of the best quiet vacuum cleaners after years of tolerating a loud machine, wax lyrical about how much a relief it is to have!

The best silent vacuum cleaners that have made this list have a low decibel rating, which is the measurement of the noise a machine makes.

We’ve divided them on the basis of the best quiet cylinder vacuum, the best barrel vacuum as well as the top cordless offering.

Miele Complete C3 Comfort

Best Cylindrical Quiet Vacuum Cleaner

Best Miele c3

Miele Complete C3 Comfort

With one of the best cleaning radius around, this versatile bagged vacuum is great on different floor types and a true all-rounder.

The C3 line from Germany-based Miele is a revelation when it comes to low-noise vacuuming.

No matter what kind of flooring you have at your home, this vacuum from Miele will suck it all up.

The ability to control the power mode drives the point home that this vacuum was meant to be, as its name suggests, an all-rounder.

The motor of this vacuum is enclosed in a capsule to curb noise escaping from the vacuum, in what Miele call a SILENCE motor.

As the vacuum makes use of 2,000 watts of power, it is no surprise that the suction is so powerful.

That sort of a wattage rating, however, does not make this vacuum too energy-efficient unfortunately.

While this vacuum has the accessories to do a stellar job against pet hair, Vacuumit recommends the CX1 Cat and Dog vacuum for pet owners.

We were also very impressed with the cleaning radius of 11 metres that can be achieved on a swivel with this vacuum!

Miele’s acclaimed HEPA AirClean filtration technology makes an appearance in this vacuum.

For a truly versatile and quiet vacuum cleaner, take a close look at this cylinder vacuum range from Miele!

Any vacuum in the C3 range only makes about 65 decibels of noise at the minimum power mode, rising to about 70 decibels on the boost mode!

  • Provides 11 metres of cleaning radius
  • Powerful suction
  • Silent operation
  • Multiple power modes
  • Excellent on all floor types
  • Bagged vacuum
  • Expensive
  • Not too energy-efficient

Numatic Hetty Hoover HET200

Best Barrel Quiet Vacuum Cleaner

Numatic Hetty Hoover HET200

Numatic Hetty Hoover HET200

The Hetty Hoover vacuum is equipped with a conical hose for better airflow, a massive dust-bag and Henry Hoover’s own TriTex filters.

Hetty is short for Henrietta. In every way, this cylinder vacuum is a sister to the massively popular Henry Hoover HVR200 vacuum.

British-based Henry Hoover has captured the public imagination for years, and not just because there is a smiling face on the barrel of this vacuum!

These vacuums are powerful, energy-efficient machines that produce just about a whisper during a cleaning session.

With a conical hose that maximises airflow, no power is sacrificed for the quiet operation.

The energy-efficiency tag is rightfully earned, with a motor that barely uses 620 watts of power.

Most large vacuums with the capacity of the HET200 use about three times that amount of power!

Other great features include a huge 9-litre dust bag, with HepaFlo bags that are meant to ensure no dust escapes.

This vacuum does a great job on hard surfaces as well as carpets because it has two power modes.

Filtration is another great factor in this vacuum as the TriTex filtration system promises three layers of filtration to capture allergens at your home.

The 10-meter cord is a big plus, and we loved that it can be automatically retracted.

Given the heavyweight stature of this vacuum, we weren’t surprised that staircase cleaning was a struggle considering we had to lug this beast around!

The Hetty Hoover tries to combat that lack of mobility with an extra-long hose for more versatile above-floor cleaning.

The 60 decibels of sound produced from this heavy vacuum will leave you purring just like it!

  • Powerful suction from the conical hose and floor head
  • Energy-efficient by using only 620 watts of power
  • At 9-litres, the dust bag is huge
  • A long cord of 10 metres which can be auto-retracted
  • Silent operation
  • Excellent triple-layer filtration
  • Long hose aids above-floor or even staircase cleaning
  • Expensive
  • Heavy vacuum

Dyson Cyclone V10

Best Cordless Quiet Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Cyclone V10

Dyson Cyclone V10

This stylish cordless stick vacuum showcases one of the most powerful motors Dyson has ever built and 60 minutes of battery time.

The predecessor to the V10, the Dyson V8, is one of the most quiet vacuum cleaner around.

The V10, however, is practically designed to absorb vibrations generated and to curb sound!

The V10 makes our list, despite being slightly louder than the V8 in the maximum power mode.

The reason for that is the V10 is a significant upgrade to the V8 in a couple of ways.

Firstly, the battery life on the V10 is 60 minutes on lower power modes, a 20-minute improvement on the V8.

The bin capacity is also 40% larger than the V8.

With the most powerful motor on any vacuum that British-based Dyson has made so far, the V10 will not disappoint.

A soft roller head performs admirably on both carpets as well as hard surfaces.

The multiple power modes - low, medium and high - make the V10 a versatile cleaner.

The low power mode is great on hard floors, while the medium and high power modes will get you through even the stubbornest of carpet fibres!

Be warned though, continuous operation on the maximum power mode will drop the battery life of your V10 to a paltry 7 minutes!

For a cordless vacuum, the V10 may seem overpriced, but Vacuumit sincerely believes this the pinnacle of cordless vacuums currently.

  • Powerful suction from Dyson’s most potent motor
  • 60 minutes of battery life on lower power modes
  • More battery power than the V8
  • The airflow-maximising design creates prolonged suction power
  • Multiple power modes make it a treat to use on all floor types
  • Battery life on high-power drops down to just 7 minutes
  • Hefty price tag

What Critical Factors Make A Quiet Vacuum Cleaner Worth It?

While the decibel rating is an obvious consideration when going for a quiet vacuum cleaner, there are other factors to consider.

A top-quality quiet vacuum cleaner will not compromise cleaning performance with a weak motor.

Keep an eye on the following critical factors when making a decision for your home.

Decibel Rating

The holy grail when it comes to a quiet vacuum cleaner is unsurprising - the decibels generated by the machine.

A decibel is a measurement of sound, so the lower the decibel rating of a machine, the less noisy it is.

Any vacuum with a decibel rating under 70 decibels can be categorised a quiet vacuum cleaner.

Under 65 decibels, you will be surprised at how quiet your vacuum is.

If you see a decibel rating over 80 decibels, then that vacuum will be noisy!

Keep in mind, there is no completely quiet vacuum cleaner (not yet anyway!), so you will have to put up with at least a whining drone!


The technology that is within a device will greatly determine if the noise generated by a vacuum cleaner can be limited.

The technology can come at a price though.

You may have to shell out some premium prices to get some of the quietest vacuums in the market.


This may not be too much of an issue, but increasingly we see that the quietest vacuum cleaners are often cylinder vacuums.

Upright vacuums are often loud beasts, with even quiet vacuums in Australia still creating enough noise as a lawnmower!

If you like upright vacuums, you may have to recalibrate your preferences to get quiet vacuums.

Suction Power

Strong suction power depends on the airflow generated inside the vacuum as well as the power of the motor within.

In order to be quiet, however, some vacuum brands will sacrifice power in order to reduce the sound generated by the motor rotating.

Check The Filter

If you've come to notice that your vacuum cleaner is suddenly generating a lot more noise levels than usual, then inspect the filter.

When the filters on a vacuum become really filthy, there is a chance your vacuum will make more noise as it sucks harder.

As if the noise wasn't bad enough, a dirty filter can also lead to your vacuum doing a poor job.

The easy way to get around this issue is to give your filter a good cleaning.

Make sure that you read your vacuum manual to make sure that the filter is washable before running it under a tap.

Once you have rinsed the filter thoroughly, make sure that you let the filter dry for at least 24 hours before you fit it back in.

If your filters are not washable, then simply tap it lightly to dislodge debris.


Why Should I Buy A Quiet Vacuum?

Will Loud Vacuums Affect Pets?

Final Verdict On Quiet Vacuums

If you’ve got an anxious newborn, a scaredy cat or don’t want to cause any annoyance to your neighbours, then quiet vacuums are for you!

Choosing a quiet vacuum doesn’t need to limit your options in terms of cleaning versatility or suction power!

Each of the vacuums that have made our list of the best quiet vacuum cleaner reviews are excellent cleaning devices.

For a low-noise cylinder vacuum, take your pick from the Complete C3 range from Miele!

If you were wanted an energy-efficient beast with a massive dust bag as well the Hetty Hoover HET200 is the answer.

If cordless options are your pick and you aren’t too concerned about splashing the cash, the Dyson V10 is quite frankly the best!

When hunting for a quiet vacuum, ensure that you aren’t sacrificing suction power or cleaning versatility!

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