This Dyson V6 Review Will Surprise You! 2021 Guide



A Dyson motor that rotates at a frightening pace, two levels of radial cyclones and a motorised floor head mean that you can’t go wrong when it comes to cleaning with the Dyson V6. Battery life leaves a lot to be desired, however.



A slightly expensive investment although the price has dropped as newer models have been released under the V series.

Ease of use

Ease of use

Ultra lightweight and a versatile cleaner. With some versions having a direct-drive cleaner head for carpets and a fluffy brushroll for tiled or wooden floors, the V6 practically handles every floor type. The lack of an all-encompassing emptying system is a drawback.

The Dyson V6 is an extremely mobile and lightweight stick vacuum, which can also convert to a handheld vacuum for your stairs or car seats.

The Dyson V6 comes in six different versions - Cordless, Flexi, Absolute, Animal, Total Clean and Fluffy.

This stick vacuum launched the V series cordless vacuums of Dyson and changed the stick vacuum cleaners market when it was released.

With multiple levels of radial cyclones, two power modes as well as an easy release button for the dust bin.

As the V6 is one of the older cordless models of Dyson, it is no surprise that the price is one of the more cheaper ones among Dyson cordless stick vacuums.

With newer versions of the V series already out you may ask yourself - Is the Dyson V6 better than the V8? Or even if the Dyson V6 is better than the V10?

But the most important question we answer with our Dyson V6 review is if the Dyson V6 is any good.

Vacuumit is here to answer that question, so keep reading our Dyson V6 review before you commit to any decision.

Comparing Dyson V6 Versions

Like we already said, there are six different Dyson V6 versions.

Even though the nitty-gritty regarding the technology employed is virtually identical, the major difference between these versions is the additional accessories provided.

Take a peek at this comparison table and select one best suited for your home.

Version Name

Price Range

Accessories Included

Dyson V6 Cordless

Cheapest version

Includes the motorised cleaning head, a basic brush roll and does not have HEPA filters

Dyson V6 Absolute

Costliest version

Includes the direct drive cleaning head, the fluffy cleaning head as well as a HEPA filter

Dyson V6 Total Clean

Mid-range version

Includes the direct drive cleaning head, combination tool, the fluffy cleaning head, crevice tool and does not have HEPA filters

Dyson V6 Fluffy

Mid-range version

Includes the motorised cleaning head, combination tool, crevice tool, the fluffy cleaning head and does not have HEPA filters

Dyson V6 Flexi

Mid-range version

Includes the motorised cleaning head, combination tool, crevice tool, up top tool and does not have HEPA filters

Dyson V6 Animal

Mid-range version

Includes the wider motorised cleaning head, combination tool, crevice tool and does not have HEPA filters

Major Features of the Dyson V6

  1. Powerful suction from increased airflow
  2. Convenient docking station for charging as well as storage of the vacuum and two attachments
  3. Power mode on maximum is very effective
  4. Ability to convert to a handheld vacuum on demand
  5. A motor in the head of the vacuum will help tackle all kinds of fine dust and debris
  6. Efficient dust canister emptying

Unboxing the Dyson V6

As soon as we laid eyes on the V6, we were highly impressed with the futuristic design and tight lines that make up the design of this vacuum.

When we held it in our hands, we could easily see how easy it would be to use as it barely weighs over 2 kilograms.

The charging dock also looks really good and is, by all means, a good showcase for storing your V6.

We were, however, unimpressed with the bin on this vacuum which was a measly 0.4 litres.

With the superior suction of the V6, you will be taken aback by the amount of hair and fluff this little beauty can pull out.

But with that level of cleaning efficiency, the bin on this vacuum is going to be filled regularly.

Our reviewers found the trigger button, which has to be held down to get any cleaning done, to be a little tiring.

Hopefully, Dyson provides an option to keep the vacuum switched on continuously for future models (although they haven’t gotten around it to even with the V8 or V10!).

We did like that there was an indicator on the bin which will let you know when it is time for an emptying session.

We also really liked the small ball at the base of the vacuum head of the V6, which makes the V6 an extremely agile vacuum that swivels easily, with the minimum effort put in.

Dyson V6 Battery Life

The V6 will run for about 20 minutes of powerful cleaning, as long as you don’t use the motorised cleaner head tool.

On the maximum power mode, the battery life on the V6 will drop down to about 6 minutes.

As you can expect, we weren’t too impressed with that aspect of the V6, especially considering that the V8 lasts for 40 minutes while the V10 lasts for close to an hour.

The battery also takes 3.5 hours to recharge completely once completely drained.

These factors point to what Dyson meant the V6 to be used for - quick spot cleaning.

The V6 was not meant as an all-out solution for large homes.

If you were hoping that the V6 could carry you through a weekly cleaning session in a home larger than 1,500 square feet, you will be bitterly disappointed.

The trigger function becomes useful in conserving battery life by preventing wastage.

To maximise battery life, the V6 has an on/off button that needs to be held down when in use.

This reduces wasted battery power and can greatly increase the effective run-time of the device.

The downside is that holding the button may get tiring, although we think this is a useful feature.

Even with this feature the vacuum still doesn’t get close to the run-time of the Gtech Air Ram. 

What V6 lacks in battery life, it compensates for great suction throughout use - suction doesn’t weaken even as it gradually runs out of power.

For most cleaning jobs in relatively small houses, the 20-minute battery life should be sufficient.

Dyson V6 Cleaning Performance

With a motor that rotates at a terrifying pace, it is no surprise that the suction provided by the V6 is so good - even on the low setting.

On the “Boost” mode the suction is truly something else, with no hair or fluff escaping its clutches, no matter how deeply strung into your floorboards or carpets.

Carpet Cleaning

What really helps the V6 to clean carpets so well is the motorised head of the vacuum.

The best thing about the motorised head is the combination of bristles on the brush bar.

With softer carbon bristles as well as hard nylon bristles, this is a lethal combination for picking up dust and debris - small or large.

We believe it is the design of the brush that helps the V6 to do a fantastic job on carpets.

On the low power setting, we did struggle to get through thick shaggy carpets although the maximum power mode was efficient enough to see us through.

The trouble with constantly being on the maximum power mode is that your V6’s battery life is severely affected.

The maximum power mode also leads to the V6 making a slightly annoying whining noise, which can be a little loud.

Hard Floor Cleaning

The same brush bar combination of nylon and carbon bristles that does a great job on carpet, is a reason why the V6 cannot pick up large debris from hard floors.

We saw a tendency for the V6 to push larger debris around on hard floors.

The Absolute and Fluffy versions of the V6, however, include a fluffy roller brush which helps pick up all kinds of debris for hard floors.

The brush also has soft bristles which ensure your hard floors do not get scratched.

So if your home is predominantly hard floor, we would recommend that you consider the newer models in the V series.

Crevice or Staircase Cleaning

Where the V6 excels is its ability to convert to a handheld vacuum.

In handheld mode, the motorised vacuum head can be attached as well, ensuring that you have enough suction for your staircases or other tight corners.

The V6 can clean on cracks with a low power setting. But edge cleaning is less impressive compared to upright vacuums.

Dyson V6 Filtration System

You need great filtration on your vacuum to ensure that the environment in your home remains dust-free.

The V6 does not disappoint.

The vacuum has 15 cyclones which work in tandem to remove even the smallest dust particles and other allergens.

The air inside the V6 passes through a filter which can be taken out and washed.

We recommend you wash the filter of the V6 often as it can get dirty quite quickly.

Once the filter has been washed, leave it to dry for at least a day or two.

A clogged filter can seriously affect suction and lead to the filter not doing its job.

Emptying the V6

Due to its small canister size, you can expect to empty it more frequently than other vacuum models.

The V6 is easy to empty as it only takes the push of a button for dumping the canister.

Also, the open mechanism can’t be easily triggered. But there is a significant drawback with the emptying procedure.

For fluff and hair that is stuck, you have to use your fingers to remove them.

This annoyance has been taken care of the newer models such as the V8 and V10.

Those models have a silicone collar that pushes out fluff that is stuck inside the bin.

Is The V6 Worth The Price?

On the downside, the V6 runs for only about 20 minutes and has a small dust canister capacity.

This cordless vacuum is therefore not a perfect fit for a large home or to be the primary vacuum of a home with pet hair.

It is meant to be a cordless convenience for quick clean-ups.

When it comes to its cleaning performance, Dyson vacuums are mean machines.

The motorised vacuum head and ultra lightweight design make the V6 one of the more balanced handstick vacuums.

The design keeps the centre of gravity close to the operator -  making V6 an excellent cleaning tool for ceiling corners.

The V6 can be a handheld device, so you can do your staircases and car seats. It can fit in most cupboards or storage cabinets because it's compact.

Keep in mind the limitations of the V6 for larger needs.

All in all, the V6 may not be cheap but it truly provides great value for your money.

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