The Best Vax Vacuum Cleaners Are Serious Winners

Vax vacuums are the market leader in more than a few continents - and for a good reason.

At reasonable prices, the best Vax vacuums combine research and development while listening to the demands of their customers.

Before making any decision, you may be tempted to know if our best Vax vacuum reviews show they are any good.

Keep reading to find out!

Are Vax Vacuums Any Good?

We have tested and reviewed the four Vax vacuums to compile our best Vax vacuum reviews.

But firstly, let’s conduct an inspection of what factors make the best Vax vacuum cleaners special.

Vax cleaners range from cordless sticks to bagless vacuums.

These are the three most striking features found through our best Vax vacuum reviews:

U.K-based Innovation

Vax has its main headquarters and research & development centres located in the centre of the city of Birmingham in the UK.

Making use of the top engineering minds, Vax is always innovating to stay ahead.

Innovation has fuelled the company's ceaseless drive to be the best.

Chinese Made

Vax vacuums may be designed in the UK, but they are made in China.

It is a misconception that Chinese-made products are of inferior quality.

Vax is owned by a Chinese-based company - TTI Co. Limited Group.

TTI Co also owns the Dirt Devil and Hoover US brands.

Comprehensive Range

Vax does not focus on certain types of vacuums in their product line.

Instead, the company has a finger in every type of vacuum cleaners such as cylinder vacuums, steam cleaners, cordless vacuum cleaners, upright vacuum, barrel vacuum cleaners and even handheld vacuum cleaners.

Out of all their products, however, their upright vacuums is what they have really captured hearts with.

Best Vax Vacuum Cleaners

Best Vax Pet Vacuum: Vax Air Lift Steerable Pet Vacuum

Top Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Best Vax Pet Vacuum Vax Air Lift Steerable Pet Vacuum

Vax Air Lift Steerable Pet Vacuum

One of the best pet vacuums which can be detached for easy cleaning and has the technology to adjust airflow to improve suction.

As far as pet vacuums go, this Air Lift Steerable Pet Vacuum is one of the best.

The best feature of this vacuum is the Multi-Cyclonic Technology.

By adjusting airflow within your machine, this tech ensures that there is no suction loss.

We loved how easy this vacuum is to steer around, reaching even the tightest corners with ease.

We also found it incredibly helpful that the cylinder on this vacuum can be detached, making it easy to clean staircases or car seats.

What makes this vacuum excellent in cleaning up pet hair is the turbo tool accessory.

We found the tool especially excellent in getting pet hair that is dislodged deep in the carpet.

With an additional Fur and Fluff tool, this vacuum is a comprehensive cleaner!  

The suction on this device didn’t fail on hard floors either, especially with the hard floor adaptor accessory!

The canister is only 1.5 litres, which means it can fill up a little quickly!

Also, this vacuum is slightly heavy at a little over 6 kilograms.

The detachable option, however, helps us to overlook that.

  • Powerful suction
  • Ideal for pets
  • Detachable cylinder for quick spot cleaning
  • Easy maintenance
  • Heavy at 6.2 kilograms
  • Limited dust canister capacity

Best Vax Upright Vacuum: Vax U85-AS-Be Air Stretch

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Best Vax Upright Vacuum Vax U85-AS-Be Air Stretch

Vax U85-AS-Be Air Stretch

With a staggering 17-metre long cord, this powerful vacuum has an eco-friendly motor and a tool for cleaning mattresses.

If you wanted a powerful vacuum cleaner that is lighter than the Air Lift Steerable Pet vacuum, then the U85-AS-Be Air Stretch could be what your home needs.

Unlike the Air Lift vacuums, however, this vacuum does not have a detachable cylinder for lightweight spot cleaning.

On the plus side, however, this vacuum does come with the multi-cyclonic technology, making sure that no suction is lost.

Weighing in at under 5 kilograms does make this an easy upright vacuum to steer around for people with back issues or arm aches!

We also admired how long the power cord on this vacuum is, at a staggering 17 metres! That’s about four anacondas stretched out if you wanted to visualise!

We could easily clean a couple of rooms before having to change power outlets.

The environmentally-conscious Aussie home will be happy to know that this Vax vacuum comes with an eco-friendly motor.

We were also impressed with the turbo tool accessory for picking up pet hair.

We were, however, slightly disappointed with the 1.5 litre capacity of the dust canister, which can be a slight annoyance when regularly emptying.

Mattresses are a harbinger of dead skin and keeping that in mind, this vacuum comes with a mattress nozzle.

If you’re on the lookout for a vacuum that is somewhat lightweight, has tremendous cleaning range as well as affordable, this vacuum is what you need.

  • Powerful suction
  • Ideal for pets
  • Long cord
  • Lightweight at under 5 kilos
  • No detachable cylinder for easy cleaning
  • Limited dust canister capacity

Best Vax Cylinder Vacuum: Vax Power 5 Pet

Best Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Best Vax Cylinder Vacuum Vax Power 5 Pet

Vax Power 5 Pet

With good dust canister capacity, this 2,000-watt beast is compact as well.

Vax may be known for the upright vacuums they keep coming up with, but their cylinder vacuums are to be admired as well.

With the Vax Power 5 Pet cylinder vacuum, you get an affordable barrel vacuum that comes with the best features that a Vax vacuum is renowned for.

These features include cyclonic technology in order to preserve the suction power.

Generating 2,000 watts of power, this vacuum is no pushover.

With HEPA filtration being made use of, this vacuum will keep the dust collected within, which is perfect for homes with members that have severe allergies.

We were also happy with the ability of the turbo tool accessory in picking up pet hair.

In our tests, we could see that this sort of a compact and lightweight cleaner could be a real hit in Australian homes.

Although this is a bagless vacuum, we were impressed with the dust canister capacity of about 2.5 litres which means more cleaning with less dumping!

One issue we did have with this vacuum is the cord length at only 6 metres, which can be a little annoying.

With only a 2 metre long hose to tow, the cleaning radius of this vacuum is not the best we have come across.

The noise from this machine can be quite an annoyance.

For this price range, however, we have rarely come across such a classy cleaning machine that is both agile and powerful.

  • Cheap
  • Powerful suction
  • Good dust canister capacity
  • Lightweight at under 5 kilos
  • HEPA filtration
  • Noisy
  • Short Cleaning Radius
  • Short cord

Best Vax Stick Vacuum: Vax Blade VX63

Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Best Vax Stick Vacuum Vax Blade VX63

Vax Blade VX63

Excellent for carpet cleaning, this affordable stick vacuum can run for 45 minutes and convert to a handheld device.

For the price you have to pay, few cordless stick vacuums can match the Vax Blade VX63.

The stick can be detached to convert into a handheld, making it easy to deal with stairs and car seats.

We loved how good the pet turbo tool is for tackling pet hair that your furry companions have left behind.

In our cleaning tests, we could see that when compared to the Dyson V8 or Dyson V10, this stick vacuum does not do a great job on hard floors.

But on carpeted surfaces, we couldn’t see the difference despite this vacuum being about a third for the price of its Dyson counterparts.

Coming to the battery, you get about 45 minutes of runtime, which is comparable to premium stick vacuums.

If you put it on Boost mode, you can get a lot of intensive cleaning done, although it will affect your battery time.

We were impressed with the SMART Control system this vacuum had, which would let us know what the battery level was currently.

  • Powerful suction
  • Good battery runtime at 45 minutes
  • Ideal for homes with pets
  • Great on carpets
  • Not too great on hard floors
  • Limited dust canister capacity at 0.3 litres

The Exciting Origins of Vax

The founder of Vax, Alan Brazier, credits his success to falling from a tree.

Brazier was going to write a Veterinarian exam the upcoming week but couldn’t follow through.

By the mid-70s, his cleaning business was cleaning up a gas station in their hometown.

Brazier’s workers spent eight nights scraping off sludge after pouring boiling water over it.

At the end of the ordeal, Brazier knew that somebody had to create an easier way to do industrial cleaning.

By 1977, after using equipment found in a farm he used to live in, Brazier went on to invent the world’s first wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

Brazier’s vacuum, that he found a patent for, could wash carpets and floors as well as suck up wet spills.

Brazier had a great product but did not have the money to expand, depending on door-to-door sales to keep ticking along.

Brazier’s big breakthrough came from a ridiculously great deal he pulled in the early 80s.

He took over a company along with its sizeable debt for just one pound!

By the mid-80s, the company he bought was profitable and Brazier finally could start advertising his wet-dry vacuum on TV.

The product became so popular, that you had to wait six weeks for it after placing an order!

By 1987, the Vax company's value was more than $60 million and was the market leader in the UK.

Today, beyond vacuums, steam cleaners and carpet washers, the company also makes pressure washers, dehumidifiers and air purifiers.

Our Verdict on Vax

When it comes to upright vacuums, Vax has genuinely carved a sweet little niche for itself on the global market.

That doesn’t mean in any way that their other vacuum lines of cylinder and cordless vacuums are not up to the mark.

All of the Vax vacuums that have made it to the list of best Vax vacuums are all superb in their own right.

The Air Lift Steerable Pet vacuum is one of the top pet vacuums in Australia, with an immense ability to adjust airflow as well as detach for easier cleaning.

The Blade VX63 is a high performing cordless vacuum with plenty of battery life and displayed an astonishing affinity in cleaning carpets.

Vax vacuums are an immense addition to the vacuum market in Australia and have sparked tight competition between brands.

Use our Vax review as a buying guide before settling on a decision.

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