The Best HEPA Vacuums Keep Your Home Dust Free!

For homes with newborns or members that unfortunately suffer from breathing difficulties or severe allergies, HEPA vacuum cleaners are a must.

Any vacuum without filtration is just a glorified dust blower if you ask us!

The good news is our best HEPA vacuum cleaner reviews will display excellent vacuums to make your home cleaning stress-free.

The worrying news is that there are more than a few retailers marketing vacuums with “HEPA-like filtration”, that often do a flimsy job!

That’s why we’ve gone ahead and compiled our pick of the best HEPA filter vacuum cleaners to make your life easier!

Check out our handy guide on the things to look out for before purchasing as well as our section on the most commonly asked questions regarding vacuum filters.

Best HEPA Filter Vacuums Australia 2019

The best anti-allergy vacuums that we came across used one particular type of technology - HEPA filtration.

HEPA or high efficiency particulate air absorbing is a type of air filter which claims to remove 99.97% of all allergens from the air!

Let’s take a look at some of the top HEPA vacuum cleaners around, which we’ve divided based on the best performer, best upright model and the best cordless option.

Hoover Allergy

Best Performing HEPA Filter Vacuum

hoover bagless

Hoover Allergy

Superior HEPA filtration and an additional carbon exhaust filter make this Hoover vacuum an ideal bagless choice.

U.S.-based Hoover has done a lot of things right for a long time to become a name synonymous with vacuum cleaners.

This excellent anti-allergy vacuum comes with a host of carefully-crafted technology for homes with members that suffer from allergies.

The major technological addition is the washable HEPA filter, ridding the air of over 99.95% of all allergens.

Multiple cyclones in this vacuum will also create enough centrifugal force to separate dust particles!

As if all of that wasn’t enough, a carbon exhaust filter will act as an extra layer of protection by acting as the final guard before vacuum air is released back into your home!

Homes that are made up of carpet predominantly will be excited with the motorised powerhead of this vacuum that lifts carpet fibres.

Against hardwood floors, however, we found the powerhead to be a bit of a letdown!

Pet owners will love the Air-Driven Hand Turbo Tool accessory.

We found this tool to perform excellently in picking out stubbornly tangled pet hair from carpets.

The one issue we had with this vacuum, however, is the bagless design.

Ideally, homes that have allergy sufferers should stick to bagged vacuums as they reduce the risk of allergens getting re-released.

Another complaint we have is that the power cord could have been a bit longer!

All things considered, the filtration on this device makes this Hoover vacuum the top performer we have come across!

  • Powerful suction from on carpet from the motorised power-head
  • High-grade HEPA filtration
  • Carbon exhaust filter acts as the last line of filtration
  • Multiple cyclones separate dust particles
  • Turbo tool attachment is ideal for pet owners
  • Performance on hard floors is unsatisfactory
  • Short power cord 
  • Bagless

Miele Complete C3 Comfort

Best Cylinder HEPA Vacuum

Miele C3 comfort

Miele Complete C3 Comfort

With a HEPA AirClean filter that combines the best features of HEPA filtration with Miele’s own Active AirClean technology, the Miele Complete C3 will not disappoint.

When it comes to filtering out allergens, the Complete C3 Comfort has a few things going for it.

For starters, this vacuum is bagged, with an excellent dust bag that will keep all the dust inside.

At Vacuumit, we make it a point to recommend you get a bagged vacuum if you want to prevent allergies. 

The reason for that is there is a reduced risk when dumping a dustbag when compared to a dust canister in bagless vacuum. over a bagless vacuum to prevent allergies.

For the Comfort version of the Complete C3, Miele includes a HEPA AirClean system.

This is excellent news as this filtration system will comprehensively remove 99.97% of all allergens it comes across, up to 0.3 microns in diameter.

If you aren’t sure how big 0.3 microns will look like, just know that a single grain of sand is over 60 microns in size!

The Miele C3 often finds a place in some of the best vacuum cleaner lists in Australia because of the excellent performance on display.

A massive 11-metre cleaning radius, adjustable suction power and a large 4.5-litre dust bag capacity are other big positives.

A Turbobrush accessory will also help you sort out particularly stubborn patches of debris. 

All things considered, we reckon that the price tag of the Complete C3 Comfort accurately reflects the technology on display.

  • Massive cleaning radius
  • Lengthy power cord
  • Adjustable suction power
  • Somewhat lightweight for a cylindrical vacuum
  • HEPA AirClean filtration is excellent
  • Relatively quiet operator
  • Does have a tendency to struggles against large debris at times
  • Not inexpensive

Shark Navigator Lift-Away

Best Upright HEPA Filter Vacuum

Best Shark Anti-Allergy Vacuum Shark Navigator Lift-Away

Shark Navigator Lift-Away

A double-whammy filtration system, along with HEPA filters, will make this detachable lightweight upright a convenient choice you can’t go wrong with.

We’re always waxing lyrical about Shark vacuums, but the Navigator Lift-Away is a truly excellent performer.

Although you have to shell out quite a bit to buy it, a host of trademark Shark features and comprehensive cleaning will sway your mind.

When Lift-Away technology is applied, and this upright vacuum cleaner converts to a handheld, you will be surprised at the lightweight package.

Staircases or car seats are no match for the handheld device which only weighs about 3 kilograms.

To aid your cleaning on both carpets and hard floors, there is a shutoff switch for the brush roll on the vacuum head.

This becomes especially useful on hard floors to prevent dust particles from getting flicked about.

What makes this vacuum on of our top HEPA filter vacuum cleaners though? Two words - double filtration.

This is a vacuum with a HEPA filter, while also also showcasing Shark’s Anti-Allergen technology.

Like the Hoover vacuum above, this too is a bagless vacuum which can backfire for homes with allergy sufferers if not properly disposed of.

We also found it slightly annoying that the power cord isn’t as long as most Shark models or that the dust canister is quite limited.

For an excellent upright HEPA filter vacuum cleaner which can deal with multiple floor types and can switch to a handheld, look no further than this beauty from Shark.

  • Lift-Away technology for converting to handheld
  • Brush roll rotation can be controlled for different floor types
  • Lightweight at 3 kilos on handheld mode
  • Anti-Allergen tech + HEPA filtration
  • Steep price
  • 1.3-litre dust canister capacity is poor
  • Short power cord

Dyson V8

Best Cordless HEPA Filter Vacuum

Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free

Dyson V8

This super-quiet cordless machine will handle different floor types, good battery life and also showcases Dyson’s excellent Cyclonic Technology.

There are a few reasons why lists of the best vacuums in Australia consistently feature the Dyson V8.

This cordless beauty is almost universally considered one of the top cordless stick vacuums around as it converts to a compact handheld.

On a single charge, the V8 will last for 40 minutes on a normal power mode.

While you can get extreme suction on the highest power mode, your battery life will drop to a measly seven minutes!

The hardened nylon teeth on the vacuum bristles will dig deep into carpets, no matter how thick.

You don’t have to worry about those nylon bristles harming your hard floors, as they retract with the push of a button.

A lot of vacuum manufacturers have started showcasing multiple cyclones, but we don’t think nobody does it as well as British-based Dyson.

With two chambers for the cyclones to operate in, enough centrifugal force is generated to separate even the tiniest of allergens.

To make the filtration even more comprehensive, there is a HEPA filter thrown in for good measure!

Pet owners will be happy with the pet hair accessory which was especially suited for rooting out tangled pet hair from carpets.

Although this is a bagless vacuum, Dyson’s famous “Point and Shoot” emptying system and a silicon collar will push out dust effectively.

The quiet in which the Dyson V8 operates will put almost all other cordless vacuums to shame!

Like most Dyson vacuums, the V8 isn’t cheap by any measure. But we think it definitely is worth it!

If you want to top the V8, consider the Dyson V10.

For homes on a budget that still want the best, check out the Dyson V6 instead!
  • Converts to a handheld device
  • Excellent tool for picking up pet hair
  • Cyclonic technology + HEPA filtration
  • Forty minutes of battery life on normal mode
  • Adjustable to floor type because bristles can be retracted
  • Near- silent operation
  • Steep price
  • The battery lasts for only 7 minutes on the high-power mode
  • Bagless

Puppyoo WP536

Best Cheap HEPA Vacuum


Puppyoo WP536

With excellent carpet performance, handheld convertibility and a high quality HEPA filtration system, this affordable cordless cleaner is what homes on a budget will want!

Nearly a decade ago, the United States was dethroned as the biggest appliances market by China, making the best Chinese companies serious global players.

Puppyoo, which holds the biggest market share in China, is one of those manufacturers.

With a focus on the latest technology and sturdy build quality, this Chinese brand should not be scoffed at in any way!

The WP536 cordless vacuum is one of the best cheap cordless vacuums we’ve come across.

The HEPA filters on display are a big contributor to us making that estimation.

With a lightweight 2.5-kilo build, adjustable suction power and a direct-drive cleaner vacuum head, the WP536 comes chock full of great features!

The ability to convert to a handheld device is another feather on the WP536’s hat.

A 0.5-litre dust canister is a bit disappointing though!

On lower power modes, the WP536 will last for up to 35 minutes, but it does take 3 hours to recharge, which is a little annoying. 

All things considered, we believe the WP536 is a heavily underrated cordless vacuum, that should be looked at seriously!

  • Cheap pricing
  • Only weighs around 2.5 kilos
  • Run for about 35 minutes on lower power modes
  • Converts to a handheld device
  • Suction power is adjustable
  • HEPA filtration system
  • Excellent performance on carpeted surfaces
  • Low dust canister capacity
  • The battery takes 3 hours to recharge

What Do I Consider Before Buying A HEPA Vacuum Cleaner?

By using multiple layers of filtration and tightly sealed dust bags, HEPA filter vacuum cleaners will keep the dust firmly inside.

As a lousy choice affects the air quality of your home, we’ve shared some critical factors when making a purchase.

False Marketing

Keep an eye out for exaggerated and outright false claims when it comes to picking good HEPA filter vacuum cleaners for your home.

Specific keywords that we keep coming across are “HEPA-style”, “HEPA-like” and “HEPA-type”.

More often than not, these are not genuine HEPA filters and only cheap duplication's.

Floor Type

In your hunt for an anti-allergy vacuum, don’t lose sight of the actual characteristics of your home.

For carpeted homes, purchase a vacuum with a rotating brush bar on the head of the vacuum which will adequately agitate carpet fibers.

For homes with hard floors such as wooden floorboards or porcelain tiles, look for vacuums with brush rolls that rotate gently.

Also, ensure that the brush head is made of soft carbon bristles instead of hard nylon so that your beautiful tiles or floorboards don’t get scratched.


Have a few pets at home?

Fine pet fur and dander can be especially troublesome for allergy sufferers if they build up.

Go for HEPA filter vacuum cleaners with a pet hair tool attachment.

This attachment will often lend superior suction to your vacuum and dislodge stubbornly tangled pet fur.

Bagged or Bagless

While bagless vacuums are cost-efficient and easy to dump, for homes where people suffer from breathing difficulties, they can be hazardous.

This is because when you dump the dust in a bagless vacuum, they could easily get ejected back into your home.

Bagged vacuums can be safely disposed of without that risk.

If you have a bagless vacuum, ensure that you are stepping outside of your home before ejecting the dust canister.


The dust generated from vacuum cleaners can create bacteria and mold that could lead to serious problems at your home.

For newborn babies in particular, vacuum dust could lead to something called an infant botulism infection.

Even more worryingly, severe dust can even lead to the tragic "infact death syndrome".

Even from the 1950s, there have been studies showing how the dangerous Salmonella virus can be transferred by faulty vacuum cleaners.

Some of the more obvious diseases caused by dust emitting vacuums are asthma and severe dust allergies.

More often than not, scientific studies have pointed out how a certain type of vacuum creates the most problems.

Almost always, the worst culprits are old and cheap vacuum models.

This does not mean that more expensive and newer vacuums are perfect!

Scientist claim that the best way to stay on top of diseases is to ensure that the filter on your vacuum is regularly replaced or cleaned.

Keeping your family safe is a key concern for any Australian homeowner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do HEPA Filters Work?

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Final Verdict On HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

Capturing allergens is an essential part of maintaining a hygienic home.

For homes that have people with asthma, newborns or people living with severe dust allergies, excellent HEPA filter vacuum cleaners are crucial.

Almost all vacuums today come with filters, but to make a marked difference, you need to go for vacuums that display centrifugal technology or HEPA filtration.

One of the best performing HEPA filter vacuum cleaners we came across was the Hoover Allergy vacuum.

For a cordless option, look no further than the excellent Dyson V8.

If you wanted a versatile upright anti-allergy vacuum, you could not go wrong with the Shark Navigator Lift-Away.

Before making a purchase, however, remember to consider the floor type and suction power, while also staying away from false advertising gimmicks!

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