The Xiaomi Mi Robot Review You’ve Always Needed – Australian Guide

If there has been one marked improvement in vacuum technology that’s always got Australians taking notice, it probably is robot vacuums.

With “Set and Forget” technology now the norm for the top robot vacuum brands, it is not hard to see why people would want to opt-out of lugging around massive vacuums. 

With the launch of their Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner, China-based Xiaomi has sent a massive challenge out to the top vacuum brands - a high-quality robot vacuum can also be affordable.

Vacuumit has carefully examined the latest crop of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum, and have put it to strict cleaning tests.



From high-quality algorithms that map out your home using 12 separate sensors to edge-cleaning brushes, Xiaomi seems to have transmitted their smartphone prowess to a new appliance space!



A nimble design, washable HEPA filters and plenty of battery life is just the beginning. With a powerful motor and multiple brushes that adjust the height, the cleaning performance is highly impressive for the price range.

Ease of use

Easy of use

With an excellent mobile app, high-quality navigational technology and superior computing intelligence, Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuums will make your life so much easier.

Comparing Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Versions

Xiaomi has produced two robot vacuums that are also currently sold in Australia - the original Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum and the Roborock S50 Robot Vacuum.

The major difference between the two models is that the newer Roborock S50 also has a mopping feature to clean up those unplanned spills.

Another difference is in the placement of the navigational system closer to the centre of the vacuum, which improves the navigational capabilities according to the company. 

Our team of testers, however, could not find a marked difference between the quality of the navigation on either device.

Major Features of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

  • Makes use of 12 separate sensors to efficiently map out cleaning routes, avoiding nasty drops in the process
  • A high-quality algorithm software will create a virtual map with every cleaning session, powered by three impressive computing processors.
  • Battery life delivers 2.5 hours of uninterrupted cleaning performance.
  • The efficient motor ensures that the robot vacuum showcases suction power that is typically reserved for larger vacuums.
  • Side brushes ensure that debris is pushed into the path of large rotating rotors, even on wall edges.
  • Mi Home App is an extremely intricate cleaning tool, allowing users to seamlessly set schedules, track remotely and set up areas for spot cleaning sessions.
  • WiFi-compatible
  • Washable HEPA filters ensure that 99.97% of all allergens are removed from the vacuum.
Xiaomi Mi Robot Docking station

Unboxing the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

The first thing that surprises you when you unbox this Chinese-made vacuum will be the inclusion of English manuals and booklets. 

Typically, this is an aspect that Chinese electronic manufacturers have historically struggled with but it is reassuring to see behemoths like Xiaomi taking a stance for more inclusivity, which in turn improves their market reach in countries such as Australia.

The Xiaomi Mi robot vac has managed to achieve a level of elegance in its design that has rarely been seen in this technology space, firing shots at the often clunky designs of the more prominent vacuum brands. 

With a maximum width of barely 96 millimetres, the Mi Robot vacuum excels in cleaning tight corners and underneath large furniture. 

Along the outer ring of the vacuum, there is a bumper that protects it from bumping into walls or furniture too hard. 

Scuff marks on the bottom of walls is a common complaint that robot vacuum owners report, and one that will not be made by owners of the Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum.

Like most robot vacuums today, the Mi Robot Vacuum is WiFi-compatible. 

If you do find yourself struggling to connect to the WiFi on this device, you may have to toggle off the 5G option. 

Once you have the WiFi set-up, then you can head into one of the most impressive cleaning accessories on this device - a virtual one. 

The Mi Home mobile app is highly impressive in the range of features it stocks. 

If you have an open plan home, then the app will allow you to draw with your fingers if you only want a smaller space cleaned within a large living area. 

By doing so, you can achieve more focused cleaning results, while also conserving the battery of the device. 

The Mi Home app will also allow you to control the vacuum remotely while also giving you the ability to set intricate cleaning schedules for the vacuum to complete.

We were extremely pleased that Xiaomi has provided an extra HEPA filter in the box.

We did note, however, that while the wheels on this robot vacuum are sturdy and non-abrasive, they do sometimes tangle on long hair.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Technology

Twelve separate sensors within the device will accurately map out the inside of your home, while an excellent laser sensor rotates at a frightening pace to send real-time updates. 

The 360-degree capability of the laser sensor is put to the test, as the sensor revolves over 1800 times a second! 

The sensors are so high-tech, that the vacuum will turn back from a ledge as long as it is over 8 centimetres in height. 

Such self-awareness allows you to adopt a “set and forget” approach on this vacuum, as long as you do not have any curious pets or toddlers about! 

Ultimately, such sophistication in sensor technology naturally led to the Xiaomi Mi robot vacuums being generally accepted as having the smartest route planning software. 

Once the laser sensor has mapped out the room, then the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum essentially “colours in” the room in a ‘Z’ shape.

An excellent feature of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum is the intelligence of the machine, with three dedicated processors working in real-time to determine the best cleaning routes. 

A massive benefit of the processors is that navigation efficiency is improved with every outing as the route is remembered in a virtual map. 

Regardless, the pace and precision of the Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum computing processors will not disappoint.

Mi Robot cleaning

Cleaning Performance

The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner has rotors that dig deep onto the carpet, while also performing at a high level on hard floors. 

Cleaning performance is not sacrificed as you switch between floor types as the main rotors can automatically adjust its height as the excellent sensors notice a change. 

With four immense suction modes, cleaning performance is typically not an area that this robot vacuum struggled in when we were putting it to the test. 

We found that for hard surfaces the Eco or Balanced mode was sufficient, while the Balanced or Turbo mode would often deal with the most stubborn rugs. 

The Max suction mode was rarely used, and preferably so, as it cuts down battery power rapidly. 

The Xiaomi Mi smart vacuum is aided by a spinning brush that supports the main rolling brush. 

By sweeping debris into the path of the device, the rotating brush that precedes it has an easier job of easily picking up the dirt.

Battery Life

With any cordless device, battery life is a key consideration before investing. 

The 5,200 mAh battery on this device will allow up to 2.5 hours of uninterrupted cleaning, 

which is on-par with the other high-end offerings in the robot vacuum market. 

The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum will find its way back to the charging station on its own accord, saving you the worry of setting it off again! 

Even more impressively, the vacuum will pick up where it left off on the route map, once it is fully recharged, ensuring that your cleaning schedule is never compromised.

On the maximum power mode, the battery life drops significantly.

Our team of testers, however, do not consider this to be a massive problem as it was on very rare occasions during testing that the Max mode had to be applied, on tremendously stubborn patches. 

Filtration System

HEPA filtration is highly revered as it can remove over 99.97% of all allergens up to 0.3 microns in diameter! 

To put that in perspective, a grain of sand is over 60 microns in diameter, showcasing the extreme efficiency of these filters, and what makes them unanimously promoted for homes with allergy sufferers or people with breathing difficulties. 

The HEPA filters were washable, although you need to ensure that they are bone-dry before inserting them back into the smart vacuum. 

We were also happy that the price of the replacement filters is affordable, keeping operational costs low during the lifetime of the device.

Emptying the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

Emptying the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum is manual, although the quick-release flap quickens the process.

With the superior suction power of the vacuum, however, you may be slightly miffed at the number of trips you have to make for emptying. 

Regardless, overflowing dust canisters are often a good sign that your vacuum is working to protect your home.

About Xiaomi Mi

Xiaomi Mi has risen to prominence in Eastern markets, by filling the vacuum of innovation in regions without the presence of cash-heavy competitors from Western economies. The style and minimalistic design of Xiaomi devices have drawn comparisons to Apple in the United States.

The word Xiaomi refers to a Buddhist concept of perfecting smaller things before heading into larger items. Mi, on the other hand, refers to Mission Impossible, which is a poetic way of Xiaomi honouring the sacrifices that got them to where they are.

To deliver competitive prices, Xiaomi typically refrains from having a physical location and instead relies on an online model.

When Xiaomi launched their flagship Mi3 smartphones in India a couple of years ago, 15,000 units were sold in two seconds. The adoration was understandable, as the device was classified with having the fastest processor in a smartphone at the time.

Their rise in the smartphone was marked by an exciting Guinness World Record Xiaomi landed recently, when they sold over two million phones in one prolific day.

Is The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Worth The Price?

Xiaomi has essentially broken new ground through ceaseless innovations to come up with two affordable alternatives in a typically pricey market. 

With extremely powerful motors, these robot vacuums aren’t just sleek and minimalistic. 

The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuums first garnered attention when they impressed in performance reviews against more established brands in the robot vacuum space. 

These vacuums were able to exhibit superior navigational skill and cleaning prowess than top-end offerings.

Other than long hair tangling on the wheels, we reckon that Xiaomi robot vacuums are filled to the brim with exciting cleaning technology.

The rise to prominence of Asian giants such as Xiaomi will inject some much-needed innovation into a technology space that has not been too creative for a few years.

The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum and the Roborock S50 are rewriting the handbook and making the competition sweat.