The Truth About The Best Bosch Vacuum Cleaners

You may be wondering hard on which is the best Bosch vacuum cleaner and more importantly if there are any models not suited for Australian homes.

Germany-based Bosch has been around for a long time now - over 130 years.

The company which began making components for automobile engines now produces some of the best vacuums on the planet.

Innovative features and top-quality performance from the best Bosch vacuum cleaners has led to billions in profit every year.

Keep reading to see our best Bosch vacuum cleaner reviews.

What Sets The Best Bosch Vacuum Cleaner Apart?

We choose four top vacuums in our best Bosch vacuum cleaner reviews in Australia.

Before we plunge right into the best Bosch vacuums we could find, let us first closely inspect what makes this German brand special.

Vacuums from Bosch are engineered with German meticulousness and attention-to-detail.

Be it their cordless, cylinder, upright, or handheld versions, nearly all of the best Bosch vacuum cleaners have a few core features.

Take a look at some of the most striking features you could find in a Bosch vacuum:

Focus on Cordless

For a long time, Bosch had a diverse range of vacuums.

With the modern age, however, Bosch has recalibrated its focus to one kind of vacuum mainly - Cordless vacuums.

The cordless vacuums have been presented with a range of diverse features to suit the needs of every home.

Two-Year Warranty

Other than a few models, nearly all Bosch models sold in Australia come with a two-year warranty.

With the excellent engineering that goes into these vacuums, it is not hard to see why the company would be willing to showcase their confidence over their products.

Global Footprint

Certain Bosch vacuums have a motor that is made in Germany, and the company still has headquarters there.

Yet, most Bosch vacuums are now made outside the country.

Bosch has over 440 subsidiaries in over 60 countries as well as 125 research and development facilities in over 125 countries worldwide.

Best Bosch Vacuums Australia

Best Bosch Upright Vacuum: Bosch Athlet

Top Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Best Bosch Upright Vacuum Bosch Athlet

Bosch Athlet

A powerful cordless vacuum that is equipped with multiple power modes, 60 minutes of battery time and an “all floor” brushbar that is great on all floors.

In order to stand out in the cordless vacuum space, you truly have to build a special machine.

With the Athlet range of vacuums, Bosch has done exactly that in a lightweight package of only about 3 kilos.

The Bosch lithium ion battery runs for an exceptional 60 minutes, while the cleaning performance is immense.

On the higher power modes, your Athlet will only last for about 10 minutes, which is a little better than the running time on competing cordless vacuums.

Because of the way they have designed this vacuum without a bag, airflow is maximised.

We were impressed with the “all-floor” brushbar that essentially allows you to clean all types of floors at home.

We loved how the high perfromance of the suction power on all of our tests!

Debris - no matter small or large - were all sucked up effectively on hard floors as well as carpets.

It is also a good weapon against pet hair as the suction power is strong enough to displace fine pet fur.

Considering the lightweight package, we wish Bosch could have gone a step further and included better filtration than the standard package this vacuum comes in.

We were also slightly disappointed with the small dust canister with a capacity of less than a litre!

Regardless, the Bosch Athlet is a magnificent vacuum displaying some of the best cleaning results we have seen.

  • Great battery life at 60 minutes
  • Multiple power modes
  • Brushbar is great for different floor types
  • Lightweight
  • Filtration is standard
  • Low dust canister capacity
  • Lasts for only about 10 minutes on higher power modes 

Best Bosch Pet Vacuum: Bosch Athlet Zoo’o 

Best Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Best Bosch Pet Vacuum Bosch Athlet Zoo’o

Bosch Athlet Zoo’o

A comprehensive ProAnimal brush, an hour of battery life and multiple power modes make this vacuum a great option for homes with pets.

We all love our furry friends at home, but the struggle to keep up with hair is real.

Having a vacuum that can cope with pet hair becomes integral in that manner.

With the Athlet Zoo’o ProAnimal, you receive a cordless vacuum that can delve deep into your carpet fibres to extract stubborn pet fur.

With a lithium-ion battery, much like the Bosch Athlet above this cordless vacuum will also run for about an hour.

The tough part to swallow, however, is that it will take almost 6 hours to recharge this beauty once it runs out.

Where the Zoo’o ProAnimal differs from the Bosch Athlet is the presence of a ProAnimal brush.

The stiff bristles on this tool can be powered on a turbo mode to help you deal with pet hair, be it on carpet or on hard floors.

The added benefit of this pet tool is that it will also trap any allergens such as minute dust or dander from pet fur.

With multiple levels of power, you won’t ever have to worry about the suction not cutting it!

We were, however, left wishing that the filtration on this Bosch vacuum could have been more comprehensive.

With SmartSensor technology, however, we could constantly stay on top of whether the filter needed cleaning.

We were also a little frustrated with the modest dust canister which has a capacity of less than one litre!

The Bosch Athlet Zoo’o does not come cheap, but few cordless vacuums can do what it can.

  • Awesome battery life at 60 minutes
  • Multiple power modes
  • Ideal for homes with pets
  • SmartSensor technology is useful in knowing about filter performance
  • The ProAnimal brush can be put on turbo mode for maximum pet hair pickup
  • Filtration is standard
  • Low dust canister capacity
  • Expensive
  • Lasts for only about 10 minutes on higher power modes

Best Bosch Bagless Vacuum: Bosch Relaxx’x

Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Best Bosch Bagless VacuumBosch Relaxx’x

Bosch Relaxx’x

A super-quiet bagless beauty that is great on different floors, has excellent filtration and has SmartSensor technology to monitor filters.

With this bagless vacuum from Bosch what we got is an incredibly powerful yet super-quiet bagless vacuum.

We were impressed with the host of features that this vacuum has been decked out with.

The most important one that makes a marked difference in cleaning performance is the ability to control suction power.

By having the ability to do so, this vacuum is a treat to use on different floor types as all it takes is a simple tweak of the suction power.

HEPA filtration on this device is comprehensive enough to filter out 99.9% of all allergens it comes across!

The SensorBagless technology will monitor the airflow inside your vacuum and give you an indication when the filter needs to be cleaned.

The great thing about cleaning the HEPA filter is that you don’t need to come into contact with any dust as the Integrated RotationClean technology will help you twist the filter out for easy cleaning.

We liked the upholstery tool you get with this vacuum as it makes sofa cleaning a charm instead of a chore!

With a massive 3-litre dust container, you can get plenty of cleaning done on this beauty.

We were relieved that the cord has an automatic retract feature as it is sufficiently long.

At a little over 6 kilograms, however, this vacuum isn’t really light by any means.

The vacuum doesn’t come cheap either, with a large price tag reflecting the features it comes decked with.

  • Multiple power modes
  • Excellent filtration
  • Easy to clean the filters
  • SmartSensor technology is useful in knowing about filter performance
  • Good on different floor types Large dust canister capacity
  • Expensive
  • Heavy vacuum at over 6 kilograms

Best Bosch Bagged Vacuum: Bosch Free’e ProPower

Best Bag Vacuum

Best Bosch Bagged Vacuum Bosch Free’e ProPower

Bosch Free’e ProPower

One of the best Bosch vacuums, with a bag and excellent HEPA filtration for people with severe allergies or breathing difficulties.

With powerful HEPA filtration and designed with a bag, we would recommend this vacuum for people that have severe dust allergies or breathing difficulties.

There is a special nozzle for hard floors that comes with soft bristles such that your floorboards or tiles don’t get scratched in any way.

Soft bristles also ensure that larger debris isn’t simply pushed away and instead get sucked right up.

We loved how there are five distinctive power modes for all types of cleaning.

Maximum power for stubborn spots, Parquet mode for hard floors, a Carpet mode, a Furniture mode for sofas and a minimum power mode for super-delicate surfaces.

We were highly impressed with the quality of Bosch’s PowerProtect dustbags as they are highly efficient in filtering dust as well as keeping it inside.

We also loved how the PowerProtect dustbags had a capacity of up to four litres!

At a little over 4 kilograms, this bagged vacuum is much lighter than most others.

We liked the auto-retract feature on the power cord, making our lives a little simpler.

With up to 2,200 watts of power coursing through this vacuum, it isn’t exactly a poster-child for energy efficiency.

One most other parameters, however, the Free’e ProPower is a superb vacuum to prevent allergies.

  • Five power modes
  • Not too heavy
  • Excellent filtration
  • Dustbags are excellent with plenty of capacity as well
  • Good for people with dust allergies or breathing difficultie
  • Not too energy-efficient

How Did Bosch Begin?

Bosch began life 1886 as a component maker for diesel engines.

Today, however, it is a global enterprise employing nearly half a million people.

The founder, Robert Bosch was an aspiring inventor who even worked under Thomas Edison in New York!

Robert Bosch made his first breakthroughs in car parts manufacturing.

But he always had his eye on global expansion.

In about 25 years, nearly 90% of Bosch sales were coming from outside Germany.

Robert Bosch strongly believed in the welfare of his workers.

In fact, he was one of the first German industrialists to introduce the eight-hour workday.

Like most corporations in Nazi Germany, Bosch too had to contribute to the war effort.

The factories were a major help to Germany’s famous Panzer tank divisions as well as the fearsome German air force - the Luftwaffe.

It is encouraging to know that Robert Bosch helped an underground movement in Germany to curb the power of Hitler and prevent the deportation of Nazi enemies.

Bosch today is also one of the largest car component maker in the world.

That last part got the company in a lot of hot water recently.

It turned out that Bosch designed the devices that Volkswagen used to cheat emission tests on its diesel vehicles!

The heartwarming aspect is that over 92% of the company today is owned by a charitable foundation, with the rest owned by the Bosch family.

Our Verdict on Bosch Vacuum Cleaners

German engineering is seriously good, and the best Bosch vacuum cleaners are sturdy machines that are powerful as well as a tremendous value for money.

With a host of high-tech features that you won’t really find in too many other premium brands, it is easy to see why Bosch users rave about the ease of use of their vacuums.

The Bosch Athlet Zoo’o is an excellent option for pet owners while the Bosch Free’e ProPower is the best Bosch vacuum for people with allergies.

Ultimately, the best Bosch vacuum cleaners remain a go-to option for homes all over the world because of their effectiveness in cleaning.

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