Dyson V10 Review 2021 – An In-depth Analysis



The Dyson V10 has the most potent Dyson motor, multiple cyclones and redesigned airflow meaning the cleaning performance rivals large upright vacuums.



An expensive investment although the excellent filtration system and powerful suction make this a worthy investment.

Ease of use

Ease of use

Lightweight and plenty of battery time is just the start. With a direct-drive head for carpet cleaning and a soft brushroll for hard floors, the V10 handles every floor type.

British-based Dyson has positioned itself at the forefront of vacuum cleaner innovation with the Dyson V10.

With the most powerful motor for any Dyson vacuum ever, the Dyson Cyclone V10 is sleek, agile and an effective cleaner.

But with the price tag this beauty comes with, you may ask the same question as everybody else - Is the Dyson V10 worth it?

Keep reading Vacuumit.com’s in-depth Dyson V10 review to find out.

Comparing Dyson V10 Versions

First things first, the Dyson V10 Cyclone comes in three forms - Animal, Total Clean and Absolute.

Although the underlying technology will be the same, the significant difference between these vacuums are the attachments that have been provided.

Take a look at our handy comparison table before deciding for your home.

Version Name

Price Range

Accessories Included

V10 Animal

Cheapest version

Consists of a dusting brush but does not include the soft roller for cleaning hard floors

V10 Absolute

Mid-range version

Includes the soft roller for cleaning hard floors

V10 Total Clean

Costliest version

Includes a mattress tool, extension hose, the soft roller for hard floors as well as a curved adaptor

Major Features of the Dyson V10

  1. The most powerful motor Dyson has ever built for a vacuum cleaner
  2. Roller with soft nylon bristles which are excellent on hard floors
  3. Three distinctive power settings for different cleaning requirements
  4. Direct-drive technology helps to clean carpet with extreme efficiency
  5. Converts to a handheld device
  6. Runs for up to an hour at the lowest power setting
  7. Comes with a wall dock
  8. Excellent filtration system

Unboxing the Dyson V10

The first thing that sticks out when you gaze at the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute is how lightweight it is, at only 2.7 kilos, despite having the most advanced motor Dyson has ever produced.

We could also quickly notice that the dust canister on the V10 is much bigger than previous cordless models such as the Dyson V8.

The dust canister on the Dyson has a capacity of 0.76 litres.

The V10 comes with a docking station for recharging as well as storing the cord free stick.

The direct-drive cleaner head was an excellent tool for handling all kinds of carpet.

The mini-motorhead was an excellent tool when converting your V10 to a handheld device.

We found that all of the tools with the V10 were easy to attach and could be removed at the push of a button.

We also love how Dyson always thinks about the little things.

There is a strip of rubber at the end of the handle that prevents the V10 from falling when you lean it against a wall.

We do have a few complaints with the design of the Dyson, however.

The major complaint is that you have to keep your thumb on the V10's trigger continuously, unlike many other cordless vacuums that have an option for constant suction.

After a little while of vacuuming, we were a bit exhausted holding down the button.

Another issue with the V10 is the pistol-like cleaning grip which can be a little annoying if you have large palms.

Although the V10 is pretty quiet, it does let out a slightly annoying whining pitch when on maximum power - but we didn’t find it to be a major issue.

Dyson V10 Battery Life

We often consider the battery life on a cordless vacuum to be one of the most vital considerations before investing in a cordless vacuum.

On the low-power mode, you get up to 60 minutes of run time with your V10, which is terrific.

Even on the medium-power mode, the V10 runs for an impressive 25 minutes.

On the max mode, however, the charge drops down to a measly seven minutes.

The good thing, however, is that when tested in max mode even especially stubborn patches were quickly dealt with.

With the excellent motor and multiple cyclones backing up the suction of this vacuum, the low-power mode was more than enough in handling all of the cleaning we needed to get done.

The nickel-cobalt-aluminium battery powered V10 takes about 3.5 hours to recharge completely.

This is about the industry standard recharging time for cordless vacuums, and will not have you missing corded vacuums too hard!

Dyson V10 Cleaning Performance

With the best motor that Dyson has ever made, as well as 14 cyclones that have entirely revolutionised airflow, the suction on the V10 is immense.

On the maximum power setting, we had a tough time pushing this thin vacuum. The suction really is that good!

More often than not, however, we found that the lowest power setting is more than enough in tackling the typical cleaning that a home may need.

The suction power of the V10 is also dependent on some ingenious engineering from the team at Dyson.

They have managed to align the lightweight motor of this vacuum with the cyclones as well as the bin, leading to a design where suction power is maximised.

Carpet Cleaning

Moving onto the vacuum head of the V10, we come across the direct-drive technology.

The direct-drive technology allows you to clean both light rags as well as shaggy carpets with the same efficiency.

The combination of nylon and carbon bristles on the brush head allows the V10 to pick up debris of different sizes.

When it comes to pet hair on the carpet, it is this combination of bristles on the brush bar that really helps pick up delicate pet fur.

The direct-drive cleaning also takes the edges of your walls very seriously, doing a fantastic job in an area where most cordless vacuums fail.

We recommend that you make use of the medium power setting when cleaning shaggy carpets, while the low power setting will be enough for most thin carpets.

Hard Floor Cleaning

If you have hard floors, then you need to go for either the Absolute or Total Clean versions of the V10.

The reason for that is that only these versions have the soft roller attachment included and not the V10 Animal.

With the soft roller on the V10, both large and fine debris were no match.

Often in our tests, the V10 only needed a single pass-through in order to completely make a hard floor spotless!

Even without the soft roller, the direct-drive technology on the head of this vacuum does an okay job on hard floors.

From a battery conserving perspective, we were pleased to note that the V10 was good enough on a low power setting for hard floors.

Crevice and Staircase Cleaning

Coming to the hard-to-reach spots at home, such as dark corners and staircases, the V10 has a definite advantage because of its capability to convert to a handheld vacuum.

The mini-motorised tool comes in handy to provide the suction you need, although you can also attach the head of the vacuum in handheld mode if that is easier.

Dyson V10 Filtration System

A vacuum with a strong filtration system is essential.

The Dyson brand has often stood out on its emphasis on strong filtration, with the V10 perfectly epitomising those ideals.

The filtration system on the Dyson V10 will remove 99.97% of all allergens.

The major reason for the excellent filtration are the fourteen cyclones inside the V10.

These cyclones separate allergens and send them to the bin.

If those fourteen cyclones fail to separate any allergens, then a filter beyond the motor will capture those stubborn allergens.

Emptying the Dyson V10

The system for emptying the dust canister on the V10 has a self-explanatory title - “Point and Shoot”.

Early Dyson cordless models had an issue with the filter.

You would have to stick your hand in to get all of the dust and hair out.

But a slider on the side of the V10 will do that for you.

All you have to do is press the canister emptying button.

To ensure that you don’t have to contend with dust re-entering, the canister can be pointed deep inside your dust bin.

Unlike other Dyson models, however, you need to detach the stick and other tools of your V10 before you can empty the canister - which can be a little annoying.

Is The Dyson V10 Worth The Price?

Our team of testers took one look at the price of the V10 and had to smirk.

But once they were done testing for our Dyson V10 review, they were in awe.

Here we have a cordless stick vacuum with suction that rivals heavy upright vacuums.

The Dyson V10 can clean on all floor types and has an excellent filtration system.

Our verdict is that if you can afford it, absolutely go for it.

The V10 is one investment that you can’t go wrong with.

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