The Ultimate Guide To The Best Carpet Sweepers In Australia

Before vacuum cleaners captured the public imagination to become a part of every home in Australia, carpet sweepers were the go-to option.

Even today some people prefer to have a carpet sweeper either exclusively or as a support cleaner for their large vacuum at home.

The reason for that is simple - carpet sweepers are simple machines, that are lightweight and operate in near silence.

Unsure about which carpet sweeper is worth the investment for your home? Vacuumit has done reviews on what we believe to be the best carpet sweepers you can buy in Australia!

We share some tips when making a purchase decision and answer some common questions we get asked about carpet sweepers on the market.

Let’s get into the best carpet sweeper reviews then!

Best Carpet Sweepers Australia

If you are tired of taking out your heavy vacuum for minor clean-ups, then a carpet sweeper will make your life so much easier.

All of the best carpet sweepers we review have the technology required to dig deep into carpet fibres.

We’ve divided them based on the best manual carpet sweeper, the best cordless carpet sweeper and the best cheap offering we could find!

Ewbank Evolution 3

Best Manual Carpet Sweeper

Ewbank Evolution

Ewbank Evolution 3

An adjustable height setting function gives this affordably priced manual sweeper the ability to clean different type of flooring.

Manual sweepers are great because you don’t have to keep an eye on the battery life or keep tripping over long cords!

The only downside of going for a manual sweeper is that you won’t be getting suction power as an electric or battery-powered sweeper.

A cleaning path of 21 centimetres is a great feature of this carpet sweeper.

An ultra-lightweight design of barely 1.6 kilograms is a big positive in our book!

The presence of two height settings makes this manual sweeper an effective tool when moving from carpets to hard surfaces.

Another great feature is the dust canister, which is extremely easy to empty!

In all of our tests, the rough nylon brushes on this manual sweeper did an exemplary job in picking up dirt, debris and even pet hair on bare flooring.

The only thing to keep in mind when purchasing this manual carpet and floor sweeper, however, is that the lack of suction may let you down.

  • No batteries or lengthy cords due to manual operation
  • Affordable price
  • Two height features make it a good option for homes with different flooring surfaces
  • Good sweeping path length
  • Lightweight at about 1.6 kilos
  • Easy bin emptying system
  • Manual sweepers lack suction

Bissell Perfect Sweep

Best Cordless Carpet Sweeper

Bissell Easy Sweep

Bissell Perfect Sweep

For a convenient cordless carpet sweeper that promises 60 minutes of battery life and a motorised rotating brush, the Bissell Perfect Sweep is a costly, yet impressive machine.

With the presence of a battery-powered rotating brush, this carpet sweeper from Bissell will easily sweep up all kinds of debris - large and small.

Battery life of 60 minutes is more than adequate for the quick clean-ups that you will be using it for.

Beyond just carpet, in all of our tests on hard surfaces as well this carpet sweeper did a great job in picking up debris.

A super-lightweight design will stop making those quick spot clean-ups seem like such a chore.

Bissell has also managed to fit in a “no-touch dirt container” which is extremely easy to empty.

Compared to most other carpet sweepers that we have reviewed, this carpet sweeper is a little steeply priced.

The convenience of battery power is felt through the superior suction on this device.

The added benefit of being able to handle any floor type, makes us classify this carpet sweeper as the best cordless option for Australian homes currently.

  • The battery life of 60 minutes is great
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • The motorised rotating brush makes this a highly-effective carpet cleaner
  • Good performance on hard surfaces as well
  • The dust canister is easy to empty
  • Hefty price tag for a carpet sweeper
  • Edge cleaning is a letdown

Sabco Triple Action

Best Cheap Carpet Sweeper

Sabco Triple Action

Sabco Triple Action

If you are on a budget, this supremely cheap device from Australia-based Sabco makes manual sweepers look good because of a highly-effective triple brush roll design.

Sabco is a renowned maker of appliances from Adelaide and has been around since 1892.

With the Sabco Triple Action, they have made a manual carpet sweeper that gets the job done.

Despite being a manual sweeper, the Sabco Triple Action was comparable to most electric sweepers in the carpet tests we ran!

We believe the two extra hard bristles, helps dislodge debris from carpets.

Four smooth wheels at the base make mobility simple!

The great thing about this carpet sweeper is that it comes at a dirt-cheap price, making it a supreme value for money addition to your home.

At 1.4 kilograms, this carpet sweeper is easy on the arms, while a lack of cords takes convenience to a whole nother level.

The only thing to keep in mind is to have realistic expectations because of the lack of suction power.

  • No battery to keep an eye on
  • No lengthy cord to lug around
  • Low price
  • Triple brush roll design makes this manual sweeper an effective cleaner
  • Lightweight at about 1.5 kilos
  • Manual sweepers do not provide suction

What Features Do I Search For In A Carpet Sweeper?

The best carpet sweepers rely on simplicity to make their use effortless.

More often than not, they use rotating brush bar technology to achieve the task of digging deep into carpets.

Take a look at some of the key considerations before making a carpet sweeper purchase for your home.

Manual or Automatic?

Manual sweepers have no battery or cords to power it. 

It is the action of the rotating brushes that picks up dust and debris from your carpets.

Manual sweepers are silent operators and are an ideal option for homes that are trying to save on energy.

Homes will find that the lack of cords to lug around

The obvious pitfall of having a manual sweeper, however, is that you won’t be getting the suction that you can get from an automatic carpet sweeper.

Corded or Cordless?

Lithium-ion batteries help carpet sweepers to have a cordless design.

The advantage of battery-operated carpet sweepers is that because there is very little suction power involved, they can easily last for between 45 - 60 minutes typically.

Considering that carpet sweepers are typically used for quick spot cleaning, Vacuumit recommends that using a cordless carpet sweeper can make life much easier!

With limited running time, however, you also don’t want to wait for ages for your carpet sweeper to recharge.

Corded carpet sweepers may be less convenient, but at least you don’t have to keep an eye on the battery constantly.

Dust Canister Capacity

As carpet sweepers are designed to be lightweight, they often have limited dust canister capacity.

Almost all carpet sweepers we have seen showcase a bagless design, which is convenient if you hate the idea of spending on replacement bags.

But because of the limited capacity of the dust canister, carpet sweepers are not ideal as the only vacuum in a home.


Can A Carpet Sweeper Replace My Vacuum?

Why Should I Buy a Carpet Sweeper?

Final Verdict

Carpet sweepers are easy to use and affordable to purchase.

They also operate quietly and are a convenient device for quick spot cleaning.

We believe that the presence of a carpet sweeper at your home could help you in keeping your place clean during weekly cleaning sessions.

The adjustable height setting on the Ewbank Evolution 3 makes it ideal for carpets as well as hard floors.

For a cost-effective carpet sweeper, you cannot go wrong with the Sabco Triple Action, which makes up for manual operation with an excellent triple brush roll design.

The Bissell Perfect Sweep is a super-effective cordless cleaner due to a motorised rotating brush in the head.

Remember that manual sweepers need to have realistic expectations and that cordless carpet sweepers are much more convenient!

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