Here’s How You Can Choose The Best Bissell Vacuums 2021

The best Bissell vacuums focus on the pet cleaning market, along with most of their carpet cleaners and mops.

Michigan-based Bissell has been around for nearly 150 years.

Bissell currently holds the largest market share for floor care products in North America.

Bissell also has a range of steam cleaning, cordless and upright vacuums that are currently sold in Australia.

The burning question possibly going through your mind right now is, “Are Bissell vacuums any good?”.

Vacuumit can answer that for you with the best Bissell vacuum cleaner reviews!

What Sets The Best Bissell Vacuums Apart?

We have selected four vacuums to be a part of our best Bissell vacuum cleaner reviews.

Before we get to dissecting the top Bissell vacuum cleaner reviews, remember that top models depend on the needs of your home.

Bissell has options that are especially suitable for pet-owners as well as cordless options for people who would prefer that level of convenience.

Here are some of the most impressive features found in the best  Bissell vacuums:

Two-Year Warranty

Almost all Bissell vacuums sold in Australia come with a two-year warranty.

It truly is unique engineering that operates the best Bissell vacuums.

We appreciate the confidence of the makers of Bissell in extending such a warranty.

Market Share

By holding steady during the Global Recession of 2008, Bissell was able to outpace many other competitors.

Eventually, the best Bissell vacuums helped the company to wrest control over the market share from Hoover in the U.S.

Today, the company has a 20% stranglehold over floor care products in the biggest economy on the planet.

Focus on Pets

Bissell is a brand for pet owners.

Australia has some of the highest pet ownership on the planet.

Therefore, Bissell’s focus on pet cleaning is a welcome introduction to the market.

Altogether, more than 62% of Australian homes have at least one pet at home.

Best Bissell Vacuums Australia

By keeping an eye on the extensive arsenal of vacuums that Bissell sells in Australia, these were the best Bissell vacuums that we came across.

We have divided them on the basis of best Bissell upright, best Bissell pet vacuum, best Bissell cordless vacuum and the cheapest Bissell offering!

Best Bissell Upright Vacuum: Bissell Lift-Off Pet

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Best Bissell Upright Vacuum Bissell Lift-Off Pet

Bissell Lift-Off Pet

A powerful upright vacuum that is equipped with Lift-Off Technology, excellent filtration and works great for carpeted homes.

The iconic name of this vacuum is from the fact that there is a switch that helps to transform this vacuum into a handheld device easily.

By giving you the capability to convert an upright vacuum to a handheld device, you can reach those annoying hard to reach spots at home as well as keep your staircases neat!

We loved the thorough filtration that this machine showcases, making this an ideal choice for homes with people that have severe dust allergies.

With the presence of a Pet TurboEraser Tool, you can easily extract all pet hair that your furry friends at home keep shedding.

In all of our carpet-related testing, this vacuum emerged with flying colours.

This was quite a surprise for us as this upright vacuum is surprisingly modestly priced compared to the competition.

In our testing on hard floors, however, the rotating brush bar on the vacuum head faced difficulties when coming up against large debris.

We found a tendency for this vacuum to flick dust around instead of sucking it up outright.

We wish that there was hands-free emptying of the dust canister as it can be a bit messy in the current form.

Not a very light vacuum at close to 8 kilograms, but the detachable aspect does not worry us in that regard!

  • Lift-Off technology presents an additional dimension of portability
  • Excellent filtration
  • Ideal for homes with pets
  • A great machine for vacuuming carpets
  • Rotating brushbar has a tendency to push dust away on hard floors
  • Dust canister emptying could have been better

    Best Bissell Pet Vacuum: Bissell 2454F Pet Hair Eraser Turbo

    Best Pet Vacuum Cleaner

    BISSELL 2454f

    Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo

    Made for pet owners, the accessories included will make pet hair pickup a charm, while the allergen filtration will keep the dander away.

    If ever there was a brand that was aimed at pet-owners, it would be Bissell.

    With the Pet Hair Eraser Turbo, Bissell showcases its commitment to the pet hair cleaning market in an affordable package.

    By using only 850 watts of power, energy efficiency certainly helps to make this one of Bissell’s best pet vacuums!

    To ensure that no pet hair escapes its grasp, this vacuum has a Tangle-Free brush roll to maximise hair pickup that digs into carpet fibres to dislodge hair.

    With a Pet TurboEraser tool to pick up hair from carpets as well as a 2-in-1 Pet Dusting brush to pick up pet hair on upholstery, no surface is safe from deep cleaning!

    We loved how the brush roll could be turned off, which is especially useful when dealing with hard floors.

    The presence of an extension wand, makes above-floor cleaning super simple!

    We also like how Bissell added a few LED lights to the crevice tool, anticipating that the vacuum will be venturing into dark corners.

    The filtration present in this vacuum particularly targets allergens such as pet dander.

    At over 9 metres, the power cord is conveniently long enough without having to change power outlets too often.

    We did find a big flaw in the design though, as the power cord is placed low to the ground we kept running over it as we moved back and forth with the vacuum.

    We were also unimpressed with the dust canister capacity of only about 0.75 litres, which can be annoying for large homes with plenty of pets shedding.

    At 6.5 kilograms, this upright vacuum is not too heavy, which we appreciate!

    Although the low price tag should warrant more toned down expectations, we found this multi-surface pet vacuum to be worth every dollar.

    • Excellent pet hair pickup accessories included
    • Long power cord

    • Energy-efficient
    • Allergen filtration is a nice touch
    • Affordable
    • The power cord is placed quite low to the ground
    • Small dust bin of 0.75 litres

    Best Bissell Cordless Vacuum: Bissell Bolt Lithium Max

    Best Cordless Vacuum

    Bissell Bolt Lithium Max

    Bissell Bolt Lithium Max

    One of the best battery running times, as well as the ability to convert to handheld mode, make this cordless beauty an essential for homes looking for a convenient cleaner.

    With one of the best battery running times we have come across for an affordable cordless stick vacuum in Australia, the Bolt Lithium Max is a real head-turner.

    The vacuum is convenient to use because of this aspect as well as because of its lightweight stature of only about 2.8 kilos.

    On a single charge, this vacuum will last for about 40-50 minutes.

    Compare that with the much pricier Dyson V10 that lasts for about 60 minutes or the V8 that lasts for 40 minutes!

    The only downside to the 25-volt battery is that it takes about 4 hours to recharge.

    For easier cleaning, this cordless vacuum can also be converted into a handheld vacuum as well as folded for reaching underneath furniture!

    A maximum power mode along with edge bristles will get all of the stubbornly dislodged dust out.

    We also found it incredibly easy to empty the vacuum.

    The one aspect where this cordless vacuum seems to struggle is when combating thick shaggy carpets.

    A hardwood brush roll, combined with edge bristles that can be turned off, makes this stick vacuum an excellent device on hard floors.

    We also wished the dust canister was bigger than 0.6 litres, which is quite low.

    Regardless, this is possibly the best Bissell vacuum on the Australian cordless market at the moment.

    • Excellent battery life at 50 minutes
    • Lightweight
    • The motorised brush roll is a nice touch
    • Emptying is easy
    • Can be converted to a handheld device
    • Four hour charging time
    • Struggles against high pile carpet
    • Small dust canister

    Best Bissell Cheap Vacuum: Bissell Featherweight

    Best Cheap Vacuum

    Best Bissell Cheap Vacuum Bissell Featherweight

    Bissell Featherweight

    Bissell’s cheapest offering comes in a convenient, versatile and lightweight package while being a treat to use on hard floors.

    This may be an extremely lightweight vacuum, as the name suggests, but it can be a powerful cleaner with great suction power.

    We can easily see how Australian homemakers would love the convenience afforded by this vacuum in doing quick spot cleaning!

    You don’t have to waste time with charging batteries as this stick vacuum is corded.

    We do, however, wish that the cord could have been longer than 4.5 metres!

    We were also left slightly frustrated that the dust canister capacity is only about half a litre.

    Through our testing, we could determine that this vacuum is an excellent option for homes that predominantly have hard floors.

    Not to say that this vacuum isn’t good on carpet, but it does struggle to push through in thick pile carpets.

    We loved that this vacuum can convert to handheld mode as well.

    The major highlight will be the price, as this is the best Bissell vacuum for those on a budget in Australia.

    • Cheap
    • Corded
    • Lightweight
    • Great on hard floors
    • Can be converted to a handheld device
    • Struggles against high pile carpet
    • Small dust canister
    • The cord length could have been more

    The Origin of Bissell 

    Bissell vacuums were borne out of significant hardship.

    Western countries like the U.S. and the UK went through a long financial depression in the Financial Panic of 1873.

    Melville Bissell had made money so far making crockery, but customers were hard to come by.

    Bissell invested time into making a carpet sweeper.

    After obtaining a patent for his invention, things seemed to be finally looking up for Bissell, when tragedy struck.

    The factory where he was producing his carpet sweepers was destroyed in a fire in 1884.

    Regardless, Melville Bissell kept his head down and overcame the significant losses that he had to face.

    After his untimely death in 1889, it was his wife Anna Bissell that made the company the powerhouse it is.

    When she took over the reins of the company, Anna Bissell was the first female CEO of a corporation in American history!

    A decade after she took over, Bissell was the largest cleaning products maker on the planet.

    Our Verdict on the Best Bissell Vacuums

    For over a century now, Bissell has been perfecting the craft of delivering the best cleaning products.

    Their excellent range of top-quality vacuums showcases American innovation and ingenious engineering.

    The massive market share that the brand has amassed over in North America of a fifth of the market is as a result of the tremendous image the brand has cultivated.

    All of the best Bissell vacuums that we had a chance to review were top-quality machines in their own right.

    If you had a bunch of pets running around, we would recommend both the Lift-Off Pet and Pet Hair Eraser Turbo upright vacuums.

    If you were simply after a quick cleaner that can support your main vacuum at home, the Bissell Featherweight is an affordable, yet effective choice.

    We loved how even the best Bissell vacuums won’t burn a massive hole in your pocket but still help your home stay spotless!

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