The Best Hoover Vacuums Will Make Life Easier

Just like JCB or Sellotape, Hoover vacuums have become virtually synonymous for vacuum cleaners!

Keep reading the best Hoover vacuum reviews to find which model is suitable for your home.

While the Hoover brand has fallen a little off the blistering pace it set in its early days, the best Hoover vacuum cleaners remain a great cut-price option.

The only problem you may face when comparing the best Hoover vacuum reviews is trying to make sense of the vast array of options.

That’s where Vacuumit can help you decide on the best Hoover vacuum cleaners!

What Sets Hoover Vacuums Apart?

In our best Hoover vacuum reviews we zero in on four of the best Hoover vacuum cleaners you could buy today in Australia.

But before we jump into the best Hoover vacuum reviews, let us try to understand how exactly Hoover products are engineered.

With a variety of options to choose from such as cordless, handheld, cylinder and upright vacuums, it is important to understand the core features of the brand.

Let’s take a quick look at the most distinguishable features found in Hoover vacuums:

A Central American Connection

Of the five plants that make Hoover vacuums, three of their plants are still based out where it all began - North Canton in Ohio.

One other plant, is right at the border with Mexico at El Paso in Texas.

Then they have a plant that crossed the border and is located in Juarez in Mexico.


The Ohio-based Hoover used to be a part of the Whirlpool Corporation but is now a part of Hong Kong-based giant Techtronic Industries.

The billion-dollar enterprise also owns the Dirt Devil and Vax brands.

Groundbreaking Features

FloorSense technology is a feature found on some top-end Hoover vacuums.

The technology makes use of sensors that can detect if the floor type has changed.

Depending on the floor type, it will automatically adjust the speed at which the brush roll is rotating.

WindTunnel Surge is a special suction-based technology that creates enough centrifugal force to capture dirt and dust effectively.

The Sealed Allergen System is a system that allows your vacuum to contain all of the allergens it has captured and does not allow it to re-enter your home.

Best Hoover Vacuums

Best Hoover Upright Vacuum: Hoover Essential Upright Vacuum

Top Upright Vacuum

Best Hoover Upright Vacuum Hoover Essential Upright Vacuum

Hoover Essential Vacuum

A powerful, yet affordable upright vacuum that is equipped with a motorised head for better carpet cleaning and with a 2.4-metre extending wand.

This special upright vacuum made it to our list of the best vacuums found in Australia - period.

If ever there was a vacuum that is a testament to the expertise of the Hoover brand, it would be the Hoover Essential.

To top it off, this vacuum coincidentally was also the cheapest upright vacuum that found a place in our Best Vacuums in Australia list.

What really sets this upright vacuum apart from the rest of the class is a motorised power head that helps to lift up carpet fibre and thoroughly clean deeply embedded dust.

Another distinguishing feature is the ability to convert to a detachable handheld vacuum.

It only takes the flick of a switch in order to change from carpets to floors, making your transition effortless.

Pet hair left behind by your furry friends will be no match for the pet tool attachment that comes with this vacuum.

One drawback of the attachment, however, is that it can't be attached when the vacuum has been converted to a handheld device.

This vacuum will not spare the tightest corners and the space underneath furniture.

This is because the wand can be detached to extend nearly 2.5 metres.

The power cord could have been a little longer than six metres.

We also wish Hoover could have managed to make the device slightly more silent as it is a little noisy.

As a budget option, however, it will be tough to find a better value-for-money upright vacuum in Australia!

  • Low price
  • Motorised head technology makes carpet cleaning easy
  • Adjusts to floor type with a flick of a switch
  • The wand can be extended to 2.4 metres
  • Slightly on the noisy side
  • The pet tool is restricted to use in handheld mode
  • The power cord is a little short at 6 metres

Best Hoover Cordless Vacuum: Hoover Ultra Light Handstick

Best Cordless Vacuum

Best Hoover Cordless Vacuum Hoover Ultra Light Handstick

Hoover Ultra Light Handstick

A slim cordless beauty with the motorised powerhead technology on display as well as 20 minutes of battery life for quick spot cleaning.

Yet another distinguished Hoover model that has found a place in our list of best vacuums in Australia.

This stick vacuum from Hoover is a real looker with its sleek, minimalistic design.

With a negligible weight of only over two kilograms, this stick vacuum is ultra lightweight and easy to store.

Don’t let the lightweight status fool you though, this vacuum can be a little loud!

With a 22-volt battery residing within, this vacuum will give you about 20 minutes of cleaning with a fully-charged battery.

While 20 minutes of run time definitely isn’t enough for an intense cleaning session, for quick spot cleaning this vacuum is a great option.

The motorised vacuum cleaning heads will provide plenty of cleaning performance in carpet, no matter how thick the fibres are.

Ultimately, if you have been on the lookout for a cut-price stick vacuum, this could be the answer!

  • Lightweight design
  • Cordless vacuum
  • Motorised powerhead technology makes carpet cleaning comfortable
  • Low price
  • Battery life not too great at only about 20 minutes
  • Bagless vacuums can be a dust hazard when emptying

Best Hoover Pet Vacuum: Hoover REACT Professional

Best Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Best Hoover Pet Vacuum Hoover REACT

Hoover REACT Professional

A hi-tech upright vacuum which automatically senses floor type to adjust brushbar rotation and can be controlled with your smartphone.

This upright vacuum from Hoover has taken the technology game to a whole new level with the features it packs.

The REACT series comes with FloorSense technology where it can know exactly when you have moved from hard floors to carpeted surfaces.

As soon as it senses the change, this vacuum will immediately alter the brush speed.

On carpet, the brush speed will accelerate so that the carpet fibres can be given a real workout.

Similarly, on hard floors, the brush speed will tone down so that debris isn’t pushed around.

The icing on the REACT Professional vacuum, however, is that you can connect to the vacuum from your phone via Bluetooth.

Once connected, you can customise the settings of the FloorSense technology in the vacuum, as well as keep an eye on the filter.

With a sealed system that traps all allergens and an extremely efficient suction power on display, no pet hair can escape the clutches of the REACT Professional vacuum.

Suction power comes from WindTunnel surge and multiple cyclones in the vacuum.

At close to 7.5 kilograms, however, this is a heavy vacuum.

Mobility is a bit of a concern as well, especially considering the heavyweight status. Hoover combats this with the swivel steering design, for more comfortable movement.

The dust canister could’ve also been a little bigger than 1.5 litres!

All in all, one of the best upright vacuums for homes that have pets.

  • Powerful suction as a result of WindTunnel surge and Multi-Cyclone tech
  • Bluetooth compatible and controllable from a smartphone app
  • FloorSense technology will adjust to different floor types
  • Ideal for homes with pets
  • Sealed filtration system
  • Swivel steering
  • Heavy at close to 7.5 kgs
  • Small dust canister capacity

Best Hoover Anti-Allergy Vacuum: Hoover Allergy Powerhead

Best Anti-Allergy Vacuum

Best Hoover Anti-Allergy Vacuum Hoover Allergy Powerhead

Hoover Allergy Powerhead

Superior HEPA filtration and four layers of carbon filtration make this vacuum the ideal Hoover for homes that have people with severe allergies.

This vacuum from Hoover has been engineered to be friendly for people that have severe dust allergies or even breathing difficulties.

Even homes with newborns will want to look for a vacuum that can help prevent dust from being released.

With four layers of carefully crafted carbon filtration in the bags of this vacuum, this vacuum is the ultimate enemy of allergens at your home.

In order to capture the maximum amount of dust, HEPA filters are busy at work.

The mini turbo tool accessory is an excellent weapon for tackling stubborn pet hair.

Either way, the motorised powerhead of this vacuum does a great job on carpets.

The cord is not really too long at only six metres.

We also wish the dust bag could handle more than 1.75 litres of dust.

  • Motorised powerhead for excellent suction
  • Made for people that have allergies
  • High-grade HEPA filtration
  • Four layers of carbon capture in the bag
  • Cord length could be better
  • Dust bag could have been a little bigger than 1.75 litres

The Humble Beginnings of Hoover Vacuums

James Spangler was a janitor with severe asthma and suspected that the major reason for his predicament was his constant use of a carpet sweeper at work.

In order to save his lungs, Spangler mounted an electric fan on top of the carpet sweeper he used.

Spangler set about making a vacuum for the next few years after securing a patent.

They could, however, only muster about 2 to 3 vacuums a week.

The breakthrough, however, came from a cousin of James Spangler who had been sent his new invention.

Spangler’s cousin was married to William Henry Hoover.

William Henry Hoover and his son ran a manufacturing business for leather goods.

The Hoover’s went onto purchase the patent Spangler owned for his machine.

 The couple then founded the unattractively-named "Electric Suction Sweeper Company" in 1908.

With aggressive commission-based selling, the Hoover brand became the largest vacuum maker on the planet.

Marketing based on giving customers a 10-day free trial on the product, also went a long way.

Through the 20th century, Hoover maintained a stranglehold over the global vacuum market, essentially becoming the go-to word for vacuums.

Our Verdict on Hoover Vacuums

The Hoover brand is not exactly commanding the same sort of respect as it used to once.

Regardless, the build quality and features on display are tough to match even today.

The four vacuums we have undertaken a review of are all top-end vacuums that are packed with some great features.

If you’re looking for a high-tech upright vacuum that will impress the houseguests, look no further than the Hoover REACT Professional.

If you would like a top-quality upright vacuum that won’t break the bank, we would recommend the Hoover Essential.

Hoover has been, and always will be, synonymous with vacuum cleaners for a long time to come.

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