The Miele Complete C3 Review You’ve Always Needed – Australian Guide

An obsession with remaining at the forefront of cutting-edge vacuum technology has made German-based Miele one of the top vacuum brands on the planet.

The use of high-quality parts and adaptability to different floor types is a recurring theme we have seen in Miele vacuums.

No Miele vacuum quite encapsulates those distinctive qualities as well as the bagged Miele Complete C3 range.

But the C3 range includes seven distinctive types in Australia!

So which one makes the most sense for the needs of your home? Keep reading to make a refined choice for your home!



With a motor that generates 2,000-watts of power and a floorhead that seals suction, the Complete C3 is a potent cleaner. The lack of a rotating brush bar, however, is a drawback that affects large debris pickup.



Coming in six distinctive versions in Australia, the lower-end models of the C3 range are quite a value-for-money investment that you cannot go wrong with.

Ease of use

Easy of use

A lengthy power cord and a long hose mean that the cleaning radius of the Miele C3 is rarely matched in the world of cylinder vacuums. A host of highly useful accessories, as well as highly mobile design, make the C3 a real treat to use.

Comparing Miele Complete C3 Versions

First things first, the C3 range includes a Cat & Dog version, the PowerLine, the Turbo, the Jubilee, the Multifloor and the Comfort.

The only significant difference between these models are the tools or attachments that have been included.

Take a quick look at this comparison table to get a better understanding.

Major Features of the Complete C3

  • A highly interactive, state-of-the-art control panel
  • A powerful 2,000-watt motor lends extreme suction power
  • Active AirClean filtration tech is advanced enough to drive odours out of your carpet
  • Bagged vacuum with a sufficiently large fleece dust bag
  • Adjustable suction power
  • The SILENCE motor makes this a super-quiet operator
  • Illuminated power indicator
  • 11-metre operating radius, owing to a 7.5-metre long power cord
  • Excellent accessories, with even the standard package including a crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle and dusting brush
Miele C3 Pet

Unboxing the Complete C3

Weighing well over 8 kilos, the C3 does not have a lightweight design.

The heavyweight stature mainly comes from the 2,000-watt beast of a motor that rests within.

While not especially energy-efficient, it is a wonderful weapon in dealing with stubborn debris, we later found.

The motor also houses an extraordinary special feature of the C3 - the SILENCE motor. 

With the ability to curb the vibrations generated by the massive motor, this system ensures that the decibel rating of this vacuum never exceeds 70 decibels. 

This is one of the defining characteristics that helped the C3 range to land a place in our list of the best quiet vacuum cleaners in Australia!

One other thing is certain - the Complete C3 is a stylish cylinder vacuum with a futuristic, sleek design.

Miele has placed the C3 on their trademark DynamicDrive caster wheels. 

These casters are unique because they can rotate 360 degrees and also come with shock absorbers. 

What that means for your home is lesser damage to your delicate hard floors as well as increased mobility.

We found it especially useful in swivelling past obstacles smoothly.

A 7.5-metre long power cord and a telescopic suction tube lend one convenient characteristic to the C3 - a large cleaning radius.

According to Miele, the cleaning radius is 11 metres, although we measured it in a slightly below that mark. 

To put it in perspective, that’s about 1.5 adult anacondas! As is apparent from that analogy, you can get a lot of cleaning done in a single swivel is what we’re trying to say!

Also, considering the long power cord, Miele has added an auto retract feature on this vacuum for added ease.

The dust bag that is included is made out of quality fleece. At 4.5-litres, there is more than sufficient capacity to get plenty of cleaning sessions in before needing to empty.

A great feature about the C3 is that as soon as you open the vacuum compartment up, the dust bag will seal shut to avoid any nasty spillages.

We also love how the filter of the C3 is the front compartment itself, making it super easy to access and clean!

A drawback of the high-quality dust bag is that replacement bags do not come cheap.

This is an additional operating cost that you need to factor in before budgeting to buy the Miele C3.

Complete C3 Accessories

Miele C3

Let’s start with the standard accessories that all vacuums in the Miele C3 range are equipped with.

These include an upholstery nozzle to handle plush sofas, a synthetic dusting brush and a crevice nozzle for reaching tight corners.

For homes that predominantly have hard floors, higher-end C3 models such as the Jubilee, Multifloor and Comfort have a Parquet Brush Twister.

The great thing about this tool is that it is super simple to clean hard surfaces with this delicate tool.

For homes with pets running around and shedding, C3 models such as the Comfort as well as the Cat and Dog version comes with a set of Turbobrush tools - one large and one small.

These Turbobrush tools are especially adept at digging deep into carpet fibres and removing heavily entangled pet hair.

Complete C3 Cleaning Performance

As can be expected from the powerful 2,000-watt motor, the suction power generated by the C3 is one of the best we have seen.

The floorhead is also a major contributor to the suction power of this vacuum. It creates a sort of sealed suction around the head, which concentrates power to dislodge even the most stubbornly embedded debris.

Don’t be too worried that the suction power may be overwhelming, as there is an easy control option near the foot of the vacuum. 

There is a drawback to this vacuum though. Without a rotating brush bar to dig deep into carpet fibres, there were instances during testing where it struggled to pick up large debris.

The superior suction, however, means that you can simply lift the vacuum head directly over the debris and it will get sucked up! 

When it comes to pet hair pickup, the Cat and Dog version and the Comfort version must be considered.

They contain the Turbobrush tools that can easily remove pet hair - no matter how fine or stubbornly entangled.


Carpet Cleaning

Strong suction power comes in handy when dealing with all kinds of carpet we found - be it regular, thin-pile or shaggy, thick-pile rugs.

While there may be instances where the suction power is overwhelming, this is an easy fix by adjusting suction power through the foot controls or even opening a vent.

We reckon it is much better to have to contend with too much suction rather than too little!

Hard Floor Cleaning

If you have hard floors mostly, then models such as the Jubilee, Multifloor and Comfort have a Parquet Brush Twister attachment. This is an excellent attachment for maintaining the life of your hard floorboards without scratching or damaging.

Even if you weren’t too keen on shelling out the extra bucks on those models, even the standard package of accessories include a synthetic dusting brush with soft bristles.

All things considered, the hard floor performance of the C3 is much better than the carpet performance - especially when it comes to picking up large debris.

Crevice and Staircase Cleaning

If you have hard-to-reach corners at home, the C3 has an excellent crevice tool to help you out.

Staircases are generally a nightmare for cylinder vacuums. But the C3 does a few things right. 

Beyond a long telescopic hose and a lengthy power cord, there is one other factor that makes the C3 a relatively easy cleaner for staircases.

That is the design of this vacuum. Because of the weight distribution that has been given this vacuum, it can easily be propped up straight.

This allows the C3 to comfortably sit snug on your stairs as you make your way up and down.

Miele Complete C3

Complete C3 Filtration System

At Vacuumit, we often recommend that our readers choose a bagged vacuum over a bagless vacuum to prevent allergies.

The dust bag on the C3 is top-quality, ensuring that the dust you pick up remains inside.

Bagless vacuums are a hazard for homes with allergy-sufferers, particularly because there is a massive risk of dust particles re-entering your home when emptying the insides.

When it comes to actual filtration, the Active AirClean system on the Cat and Dog version is a highly aesthetic system, that even drives odours away.

For the Multifloor and Comfort models, Miele includes a HEPA AirClean system which can effectively remove over 99.97% of all allergens up to 0.3 microns in size.

To give you more perspective of how effective that is, a grain of sand is over 60 microns in diameter!

We did, however, find it disappointing that the three lowest-priced C3 models - PowerLine, Turbo and Jubilee - only come with the standard AirClean filtration system.

This isn’t too much of an issue as even the standard AirClean filters are prolific in their ability to filter out allergens.

Emptying the Complete C3

To remove the dust bag for dumping, you first need to unclip the hose and open the lid on the front of the vacuum.

With Miele bags having the ability to seal themselves on their own, this is one less thing to worry about without getting your hands dirty.

All in all, we want to commend Miele for making their bagged vacuums super-easy to operate.

Miele Complete C3 Review - Final Verdict

Let’s face some cold, hard facts.

The Miele Complete C3 is a heavy machine and does not come cheap. Also, without the presence of a rotating brush bar, there is a tendency to struggle against larger debris.

But the drawbacks pretty much end there.

The Miele Complete C3 is a supremely powerful cylinder vacuum and has a host of accessories that make cleaning simple.

Whether it be pet hair pick up, hard floor cleaning, sofa corners or dark crevices, the team at Miele have considered just about everything.

Miele’s AirClean filters make a distinguished appearance in this vacuum, making it an excellent option for homes with allergy sufferers.

An excellent control panel and the ability to adjust suction power are simply the icings on the cake.

Additionally, the Miele Complete C3 is one of the most exceptional cylinder vacuums in one very aesthetic regard - the low noise generated. 

While the standard models in the C3 range are great, for pet hair pickup or hard floors, you may have to invest in the higher-end models in the Complete C3 range.

German-based Miele has been doing a lot of things right for a lot of years (over 120 years to be precise).

The Miele Complete C3 is another testament to the dedication of this brand to go the extra mile.

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