Dyson V11 Review [Is It Really Dyson’s Best Ever?] 2021

Once we were done with our Dyson V11 review, we could see that Dyson is looking to rewrite the rules once again. 

British-based Dyson has long placed itself at the front line of the most powerful vacuum trend in decades - cordless vacuum cleaners.

Dyson V11 Absolute Cordless Vacuum
  • ?4 Specialized Nozzle ?- Include with 4 nozzle attacment : Soft velvet direct drive roller brush, 2-in-1 Brush , Long Flat tip, Electric mite removal...
  • ?10000RPM Brushless Motor with High-Speed Roller?- Designed for maximum carpet and hard floor pickup. Include with a seperated motor inside the main...
  • ?Powerful Suction ?- 2300Pa with 120AW suction power strong that is strong enough to vacuum everything in its path. Come with Detachable 2500mAH...

If you thought the Dyson V10 was powerful, the V11’s motor is 20% more powerful.

The V11 also introduces a flagship accessory to the market - the High Torque cleaner head.

The V11 isn’t much changed in appearance - still sleek as ever.

With a massive price tag, however, the question may arise - Is the Dyson V11 worth it?

Allow Vacuumit to conduct a Dyson V11 review & answer that for you!

Comparing V11 Versions

First things first, the Dyson V11 comes in three forms in Australia - the Torque Drive, Absolute and Absolute Pro.

The major difference between these different models are the attachments included.

A glance at our comparison table will give you a quick understanding.

Version Name

Price Range

Accessories Included

V11 Torque Drive

Cheapest version

Consists of the High Torque cleaner head but not the soft roller head

V11 Absolute

Mid-range version

Includes the soft roller for cleaning hard floors

V11 Absolute Pro

Costliest version

Contains a Flexi crevice tool, extension hose, mattress tool as well as the soft roller for hard floors 

Major Features of the V11

  • The most powerful motor Dyson has ever put inside a vacuum cleaner
  • A flagship High Torque cleaner head which rotates at a frightening pace
  • Comes with a charging wall dock
  • Three different power modes for varying cleaning needs
  • Converts to a handheld device
  • An LCD screen for monitoring the vacuum up to 8,000 times every second
  • An auto mode will automatically sense as you move across different floor types
  • A unique diffuser on the motor reduces noise levels
  • The brush bar rotates at a frightening pace
  • The battery has a run time of up to an hour in the Eco mode
  • Excellent filtration


The most potent motor Dyson has ever built, fourteen cyclones and remastered airflow mean the V11 cleans better than most large vacuums!



An extremely pricey investment but the groundbreaking features and powerful suction make it an investment you cannot go wrong with.

Ease of use

Easy of use

Excellent battery life and a lightweight design do not tell the full story of the V11. Thoughtful accessories and a High Torque cleaner head mean you clean deeper than ever before.

Dyson V11 Review - Unboxing the beast

Weighing just over 3 kilos, the V11’s lightweight design is the first thing you’ll notice.

The lightweight design is particularly impressive when you consider that the most powerful Dyson motor ever rests inside.

A particularly impressive facet about the motor is that it has diffusers that control vibrations and therefore reduce noise.

The next thing we noticed is the awesome LCD screen!

An excellent monitoring system on the V11 dramatically helps in keeping tabs on the battery.

Dyson claims the monitoring is so high-tech, the V11 can gauge how much battery life is remaining by understanding the floor type and the tool you are using!

For example, the V11 update battery stats if you switch from thin carpet to a thick, shaggy rug.

Altogether, there are sensors on the motor, battery and the High Torque cleaner head, monitoring the vacuum 8,000 times every second!

Dyson calls the tech the Dynamic Load Sensor.

We also loved that the LCD screen would give us little tips and tricks when we encountered trouble.

When the airway was blocked during our testing (due to a small toy being sucked up), the LCD screen immediately showed an animation.

The animation described how to clear the airway, which we thought was fantastic!

The LCD screen also gives reminders when the filter needs to be cleaned.

The V11 comes with an aesthetically pleasing wall-mounted charging station.

The dust canister on the V11 is precisely the same size as the V10 at 0.76 litres.

unboxing Dyson v11

V11 Accessories

The high-torque cleaner head can automatically sense when you change floor types, and automatically adjust suction power accordingly.

The mini-motorhead is a superb tool, particularly when you convert your V11 to a handheld.

The accessories you ask? They are plentiful, and we could see Dyson has put a lot of thought into them.

Beyond the mini-motorhead and the high-torque cleaner head, the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro comes with 11 other accessories!

There is a soft roller cleaner head for tackling dust on hard floors, a mattress tool, a combination tool, a standard crevice tool as well as a Flexi crevice tool for those tricky corners.

A stubborn dirt-brush provides supreme power, while a mini soft dusting brush tones it down.

All of the tools with the V11 were easy to attach or remove.

We do have a few bones to pick with the design of the V11.

You have to press your thumb down hard on the V11’s trigger, which is disappointing considering that plenty of brands give an option for non-stop suction.

The pistol-like grip is also not a favourite of one of our testers with large palms.

V11 Battery Life

At Vacuumit, we believe that the battery life is critical in a cordless vacuum cleaner.

On the V11’s Eco mode, you can get about 60 minutes of cleaning done - which matches the Dyson V10.

On the Boost mode, the V11 battery typically lasted for about 6-8 minutes in our tests, once again matching the V10.

The good news is that the default Auto mode is good enough for even stubborn patches.

The battery does disappoint in one key metric - recharging time.

The nickel-cobalt-aluminium battery will take roughly 4.5 hours to recharge.

That’s a full hour longer than the V10’s battery!

The monitoring system of the V11 is a big positive when it comes to keeping tabs on battery life.

Dyson claims that the system can inherently “understand” how you are vacuuming and adjust battery status accordingly!

V11 Cleaning Performance

With the most powerful motor that Dyson has ever made, as well as 14 cyclones that revamp airflow, the V11 produces immense suction.

On the Boost mode, you will have a tough time even budging this vacuum! It is that potent!

Typically, however, we found the Eco mode (the lowest power setting) was sufficient in most cleaning scenarios.

Dyson designers have aligned the motor of the V11 with the 14 cyclones inside, creating a perfect storm inside the vacuum.

Dyson claims that even microscopic pollen or even bacteria will be no match for the suction generated by the V11.

Carpet Cleaning

The High Torque cleaner head is the star of the show when it comes to carpets.

This cleaner head is made up of hard nylon bristles as well as softer carbon bristles.

The brush bar on the High Torque cleaner head rotates at a frightening pace, deeply cleaning carpet.

Dyson claims the brush bar is rotating at 60 times a second!

Pet hair on the carpet, in particular, was no match for the V11.

The mini-motorised tool is an effective weapon, for that extra surge in suction power.

Our team of testers recommend that the Auto mode will be sufficient for cleaning unusually thick carpets, while the Eco mode will breeze through most thin mats.

Hard Floor Cleaning

If you have hard floors, then you need to spend a couple hundred more dollars to get the V11 Absolute or V11 Absolute Pro.

These two versions come with a soft roller attachment.

While the High Torque cleaner head does have soft carbon bristles that can pick fur from most carpets, some large debris did get pushed around in testing.

The carbon bristles are anti-static, which helps with picking up tiny debris in between floorboards.

The soft roller, however, will ensure that debris - both large and tiny - are sucked up.

Crevice and Staircase Cleaning

If you have dark corners at home, the V11 is what you need.

The Absolute Pro version, in particular, comes with a Flexi crevice tool that can reach awkward spots easily.

For your stairs, there is a mini-motorised tool. 

The V11 also has a distinct advantage over most other cordless stick vacuums.

The advantage when cleaning staircases is that it can convert to a handheld device.

Dyson V11 Filtration System

If you have newborns at home or allergy sufferers, then the V11 is possibly the best gift you can present to your home.

When it comes to filtration on this device, Dyson has reproduced the same system they used on the V10.

The sealed filtration system on the V11 will remove 99.97% of all pollen, dust and other allergens from your home’s atmosphere.

Another reason why the filtration is excellent on the V11 is the 14 cyclones inside.

The centrifugal force generated is so massive, that the V11 effectively removes even disease-causing bacteria.

Emptying the V11

“Point and Shoot”. That’s how Dyson describes the emptying system on the V11, and we couldn’t find a more accurate description!

Earlier models in the V Cordless range, such as the Dyson V6 had an issue where you would have to stick a finger in to get the debris and pet hair out.

A slider on the V11 will push the dust out as soon as you press the emptying button.

The tools and attachments need to be detached before emptying, which is a bit annoying.

We saw the same issue on the V10.

Considering how easy it is to attach and remove tools, this is only a minor inconvenience in the V11.

Is Dyson V11 Better Than The V10?

Let’s state the facts from our Dyson V11 review.

The V11 motor is more powerful, the brush bar rotation is faster, and the High Torque cleaner head is magnificent.

When it comes to suction, the V11 has more power than the V10. 

Moreover, the LCD screen and monitoring system are groundbreaking.

The only other vacuum we have tested with that level of tech is the Hoover REACT.

The V11 is quieter than the Dyson V10.

On the other hand, the battery life is pretty much unchanged.

In fact, the V11 battery takes a full extra hour to recharge.

Dust canister capacity and the filtration system has also remained the same.

Also, the V11 weighs slightly more than the V10.

The design of the V11, aligning the motor with the cyclones, was also something we first saw in the V10.

Certain annoyances from the V10 remain that we noticed in our Dyson V11 review.

Having to hold down on the trigger button and having to remove tools before emptying persist.

All things considered, the High Torque cleaner head and the motor are the stars of the show that make us believers in the V11.

Through this Dyson V11 review, we experienced suction power we have never seen before in cordless stick vacuums.

If you can afford it, the V11 is an investment that will stand the test of time.

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