Bissell Carpet Cleaner Australia – 2021 Ultimate Buying Guide

The hallmark of any beautiful home is the flooring, and a lot of homes have adopted lush carpets as their go-to choice.

While carpeting your home is often a large investment, what is often left out is that maintenance can be a treat if done right. With most homes in Australia having pets, it is often essential that a deep carpet cleaning session is done in homes with carpets.

Let’s discuss the best carpet cleaners from one of the top vacuum makers on the planet, Michigan-based Bissell.

Why Choose Bissell Carpet Cleaners?

Before we discuss the top Bissell Carpet Cleaners, remember that the unique needs of your home will determine the best purchasing choice you could make.Bissell, which currently holds the largest market share in the US for floor care products, has been around for about 150 years. 

The important question that we would like to get answered is, “Are Bissell Carpet Cleaners any good?”


The best Bissell carpet cleaners have a strong emphasis on catering towards the pet cleaning market, complimenting their line of steam-based handheld cleaners as well as steam mops.

Bissell is not unashamed of being projected as a vacuum brand that focuses on pet owners.

With over 60% of all Australian homes having access to at least one pet, our nation has some of the highest pet ownership rates on the planet.

For many Australian who struggle to find effective cleaning products to keep up with their pets, Bissell carpet cleaners are a welcome introduction into the market.

Strong Warranty Period

For any sizeable investment, it is often appreciated when there is a safety net in case there are any technical issues. 

We love how nearly every Bissell vacuum in Australia currently comes with a two-year warranty and can appreciate the confidence of the company in its products.

The best Bissell carpet cleaners use sturdy components and are engineered to perform at a high level for a number of years of intensive usage.

Global Powerhouse

By using cost-effective strategies to expand during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, Bissell could manage to overtake its competitors at the time.

Traditionally a stronghold of homegrown companies such as Hoover, the US market was a significant coup for Bissell.

Today, Bissell holds a seemingly unassailable 20% market share in one of the most competitive floor care markets in the world. 

Best Bissell Carpet Cleaner Reviews Australia 2021

For our best carpet cleaners review, we have selected four high-quality Bissell vacuums that impressed our team of testers at Vacuumit.

Although Bissell has an extensive catalogue of carpet cleaners in Australia, we believe that the products we discuss are the ideal choices for Australian homes.

We’ve divided our top picks based on the top Bissell carpet cleaner for pets, the best technology-driven cleaner and the best Bissell carpet cleaner for professional use.

Bissell Proheat 2X Lift-Off Pet - Best Bissell Carpet Cleaner for Pets

Bissell 15651 ProHeat 2X Lift Off Pet Carpet Cleaner
  • This unique design offers a true 2-in-1 cleaning: an upright deep cleaner for full rooms and a detachable, portable deep cleaner perfect for tackling...
  • The revolutionary antibacterial Formula cleans and controls odor causing bacteria. This antibacterial Formula will help you eliminate odors at the...
  • Heatwave technology, pressurized spray and dual power brushes loosen deep-down dirt and pet messes while being gentle on your carpet

The Bissell Proheat 2X is a fantastic carpet cleaner for its potency as well as the speed of use.

We were extremely happy at how cordially carpet cleaning was becoming from testing this carpet cleaner. 

Accessories such as a detachable suction unit can be a wonderful tool for getting rid of particularly stubborn stains.

Through the use of the lift-off suction accessory, you can essentially save money on spending on a handheld steam cleaner.

While this Bissell carpet cleaner is not light by any measure at 11 kilograms, we could appreciate that Bissell has tried to compensate for the weight through a lift-off arm that can easily be used for staircases or cars.

One disadvantage that we will point out is that this carpet cleaner can be quite noisy, with a decibel rating over 75 when in use.

Pet owners, however, will love Bissell trademark antibacterial carpet solution, which is extremely useful in getting rid of nasty odours from the carpet such as urine.For powerful carpet cleaning action, there are Dual Dirtlifter power brushes, which digs deep into carpet fibres in order to dislodge stubbornly embedded pet hair and dirt.Bissell’s exclusive Heatwave technology finds its way into this carpet cleaner, with highly-pressurised spraying loosening debris from carpets.

Altogether, the cleaning prowess of this machine is rarely matched by any carpet cleaner you could find in Australia today!

  • Potent suction from dual power brushes
  • Portable cleaning from lift-off unit
  • Streamlined design aids in maneuverability
  • Rotating brush action
  • Easy maintenance
  • Heatwave technology
  • Heavy at nearly 11 kilograms
  • Somewhat noisy operation

Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution Pet 

Bissell 2066F Pro Heat 2X Revolution Pet Carpet Cleaner
  • Bissell 2066F Pro Heat 2X Revolution Pet Carpet Cleaner
  • BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Upright Carpet Cleaner
  • BISSELL HydroWave Ultralight

The Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution makes use of heating technology that can heat up water extremely quickly, making steaming a potent cleaning method.

Like most carpet cleaners, this one isn’t light either, at nearly 8 kilograms.The ergonomic design isn’t just made to look pretty, as this Bissell carpet cleaner is extremely easy on the arms as it is a treat to steer about.

While the cleaning effectiveness of this carpet cleaner does not reach the standards of more expensive Bissell carpet cleaners, it is still a potent choice for any Australian home.

Maintaining a bit of a recurring theme with Bissell carpet cleaners, the Proheat 2X Revolution is also a noisy operator.

With an extendable hose that reaches out nearly 2.5 metres, this cleaner adds an extra dimension of use on staircases and car seats.To add to the carpet cleaning prowess, there are Dual Dirtlifter power brushes that agitate carpet fibres in order to dislodge debris.

Heatwave technology is what has really put Bissell on the map in the carpet cleaning niche, and is the crown jewel of this carpet cleaner.

Heatwave technology uses highly-pressurised nozzles to spray water in order to loosen stubbornly embedded stains from carpets.

A 3.7-litre tank will get a significant amount of cleaning done before you run out, which is a good touch for Aussies conscious about their water usage.

To remove the dirty water tank, all you need to do is press down on the coloured tank handle, tilt it slightly and pull the tank out.

We were impressed with the quick empty feature of the water tank, which is done by pulling the rubber tab located at the corner, in order to tilt and pour.

A cleaning path of nearly 30 centimetres also means that you rarely have 

We love how Bissell has a sufficiently lengthy power cord on this machine, which brings about a touch of convenience.

A key unique feature of the Proheat 2X Revolution Pet is that it has an Express Clean Mode, which is especially useful if you have guests coming over in short notice and you want the carpet to dry quickly.

  • Dual power brushes aid in pet hair cleaning
  • Extendable hose reaches out nearly 2.5 metres
  • Ergonomic design is certainly aesthetically pleasing
  • Express clean mode
  • Large cleaning path
  • Large water tank capacity
  • Easy emptying of dirty water
  • Heatwave technology
  • Heavy at nearly 8 kilograms
  • Not a quiet carpet cleaner

Bissell 1887 Proheat Essential Deep Cleaner

Bissell 1887 Proheat Essential Deep Cleaner
  • Strong spray and powerful suction removes dirt, allergens and odors embedded in carpets.
  • Large capacity tanks (1 Gallon) mean less time filling and more time cleaning. An 8 ounce trial size bottle of professional fromula is included
  • Heatwave technology provides constant heat and helps maintain water temperature during the cleaning process

While a heavyweight cleaner is expected to have a bulky build, we were impressed that Bissell could manage to keep the weight of the device down to about 9 kilograms.

To be fair, nobody who buys the Bissell Proheat Essential is looking for a cleaner that “gets the job done”.

By cleaning through both forward and backward motions, this Bissell carpet cleaner is a neat addition for homes looking for a potent cleaner to deal with (typically) messy toddlers or pets.

The cleaning action of the Proheat Essential is so effective, that our team of testers were able to restore a deeply discoloured rug to its former glory! 

Grime, grease and sticky carpet stains are no match for this Bissell cleaner, as its DirtLifter PowerBrush has 6 rows of teeth to dig deep and destroy dirt.

Bissell’s renowned Heatwave Technology helps keep the water temperature stable throughout, allowing for a deeper cleaning session.

An 8-metre long power cord will allow you to go far with your cleaner and can be a useful feature for small business owners that want to cover more ground fast.

An extendable cleaning hose will also make it easier to get those particularly hard-to-reach corners.

We also love how this carpet cleaner comes with a 2-in-1 tank that will separate your clean and dirty water, making it more convenient for refilling and emptying.

For homes with hard flooring, this carpet cleaner also has an attachment that can do that for you! 

By all means, the cleaning effectiveness of this Bissell Carpet Cleaner is comparable with the effectiveness of industrial carpet cleaners.

  • DirtLifter PowerBrush is a powerful cleaning tool
  • Easy to switch between cleaning modes
  • Ideal for carpeted homes with some hard flooring as well
  • Extendable cleaning hose
  • 8-metre long power cord
  • 2-in-1 water tank has a large capacity
  • Heatwave technology
  • Not lightweight at about 9 kilograms
  • Noisy cleaning operation.

Final Verdict on Bissell Carpet Cleaners

Bissell Carpet Cleaners are available in a variety of sizes, depending on the potency of the job at hand.

From handheld steam cleaners to professional-use carpet cleaners, Bissell has carved a neat little niche for itself in the global carpet cleaning market.

Essentially, the best Bissell carpet cleaner for your home will depend on your unique needs and preferences.

If you wanted a powerful, no-nonsense carpet cleaner then you cannot go wrong with the high-quality Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution.

Pet owners will find the Proheat 2X Lift-Off Pet to be a more powerful option against pet hair and odours.

For professional use in large homes or small business premises, the Bissell Proheat Essential is the top Bissell Carpet Cleaner that we came across.

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